Tracing the leak

Leak detection LD 6000

Gas and water suppliers in particular must ensure that their lines are in good condition at all times. If gas or water escapes once at a point in the line, this can lead to a time and cost-intensive fault, regardless of whether there is a potential health risk. However, the capital damage can also be devastating.

It is therefore vital to trace the leak as quickly as possible so that the damaged spot can be properly repaired – in the worst case scenario, anything else could be interpreted as negligence on your part. Make sure that nothing gets damaged and get a reliable partner on your side: the L6000 combi detector from Trotec.

The alarm: gas leak. A large area is closed off immediately and declared a danger zone. An undermined road. A large area is also closed off here. The frantic search for the damaged point in the supply line begins. The longer it takes to detect the point, the greater the damage. Particularly in the case of pipes running underground, a large arrow appearing from nowhere indicating the point at which the damage occurred would be a real blessing. Wishful thinking? Of course, we cannot offer you this arrow. Instead we can offer you an additional ear, which quickly and accurately listens to the varying sounds resulting from a leak and, in doing so, shows you where exactly the leak is. Your new ear is the LD 6000 combi detector.

Listen carefully: Leakage points in pressure pipe lines generate sound. You can detect the damaged points quickly and accurately with the LD6000 combi detector and the relevant sound microphones.  Even the smallest of leaks at pipes running underground are safely detected with this.

Acoustic leak detection

If water leaks at a damaged point of a pipe, it generates friction-induced sound. Firstly, the pipe itself vibrates and this sound is transmitted through the pipe. You can hear this sound with mechanical vibration microphones. Secondly, the leaking water itself generates sounds, which are conducted through the ground to the surface. In turn, you can here these with ground-borne sound microphones. These and a few other competencies are integrated in the LD 6000 combi detector. With your new listening assistant, you can quickly and accurately search for the interfering leak, especially in the event of damage.

In addition to the acoustic search, a trace gas search is also possible – Trotec offers you both in a single device. And with the extensive range of accessories, the LD 6000 hardly knows any application limits in the leak detection and tightness test.

Show authority! Several typical applications are already preprogrammed in the LD 6000 combi detector. This quick access is worthwhile and has proven very successful. Another advantage is the patented smart mode, which is incidentally globally unique in this device class. Potential leakage points are already shown as a bar chart in the high-resolution display during measurement and the steepest level quickly and safely highlights the leak. This makes it possible to trace a leakage point even more quickly.

The LD 6000 combi detector is the optimum solution for industry, supply companies and handicraft. Order the innovative and powerful combi detector – in our Trotec shop for just £2,195.95.

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