The new LD6000 Combi- Detector– checks life jackets for tightness


If it’s a magnificent cruise ship in distress on the open sea, a stricken excursion boat on a river or a smart pleasure boat on a lake which has suffered a shipping accident – a functioning or a faulty life jacket can make the difference between life and death. Authorised companies now use the LD6000 Combi- Detector to check for leaks – because even the smallest leak can pose serious risks.

The lightweight, powerful and handy LD6000 combi measuring device quickly and accurately locates leaks, saving considerable time and money. When checking for leaks using hydrogen as a tracer gas, costly and time-consuming leak detection in a water bath is past now. The advantage of this “dry” checking method is obvious: There is no longer any need to dry wet materials, which means short lead times, faster and more efficient use and improved competitiveness. And the same applies for life jackets, survival suits and inflatable life rafts, as well as for diving suits and chemical-resistant clothing or clothing used for epidemic control.

This is how it works

The use of hydrogen as a tracer gas is the optimum method for locating leaks precisely of any size. This is because hydrogen is very light and is distributed both quickly and evenly. Using a special synchronisation function of the LD6000, the incorrect determination of leaks can thus be virtually eliminated such as the risk of a too high background concentration never even arises. Developing the LD6000, the utmost importance was placed on the user-friendly handling of the measuring device. It’s never been easier to precisely locate leaks: Simply turn the detector on and run the hand probe over the item you want to check. As soon as it approaches a leakage, the detector will alert you via an acoustic signal.

Improve safety and your competitiveness with the LD6000

Increased safety for your customers and stronger competitiveness for you are two sides of the same coin: If you want to precisely locate leaks in life jackets, survival suits and diving suits, you need to find out more about the LD6000 Combi- Detector – available now in our Trotec shop!

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