LD6000 PTS Acoustic Tube Probe – Now in Stock!

Acoustic Tube Probe LD6000 PTS

Burst pipe! Water damage! Before the repair can take place, the exact location of the breakage must be established in order to address the question of cost: is it on the owner’s property, or on the side of the water supplier network? This is a job for our acoustic tube probe LD6000 PTS  – for direct leakage detection in pressurized water pipelines.

Wherever above ground detection is not possible, burst pipes can be localized quickly and easily with the help of the tube probe.  For this purpose, the LD6000 PTS‘s sensor and push rod, are properly disinfected according to regulations, and are directly channelled – even from the house’s service connection – into the pressurized water pipeline. Experienced measuring technicians can then identify the breakage point through the leakage sound, and  determine the exact location of the leakage using the metre counter.

This is how it Works

Acoustic leak detections are made possible through the combination of the compact, flexible pig probe with an integrated precision microphone and a connectible probe cable. Unaffected by ambient noise, the LD6000 PTS‘s precision microphone captures even extremely quiet sounds within the pipeline which are then wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth to the included headphones.

Please do not miss out on our super offer in the form of a personal savings package: Because a frequency generator can also be connected to the LD6000 PTS for transmission from the entire push rod or probe tip – for example, the ST-510 SeekTech transmitter. With the aid of the SR-20 SeekTech receiver, your measuring technicians can detect the whole pipeline route or locate the leak with pinpoint accuracy.

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • Exact acoustic leakage detection directly in the pressurized water pipeline.
  • Pinpoint location with the probe tip and route location using the push rod in order to detect the course of plastic pipes.
  • Measurement results are not influenced by ambient noise.
  • Wireless sound transmission via Bluetooth.

Our “must-have” for Water Suppliers and Installation Companies in the Heating and Sanitation Sector.

“Water moves along strange paths” – with our acoustic tube probe LD6000 PTS you will be hot on its trail. Sound good? Then listen carefully to our offer – including the attractive LD6000 PTS savings package plus the ST-510 SeekTech transmitter, and the SR-20 SeekTech receiver. Now available in our Trotec Shop!

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