Marking Agent Uranin on special offer


Even the smallest quantities of Uranin, when diluted in water, have an enormous colouring capacity. Less than 1 g Uranin is enough to turn 1000 l of water fluorescent green. Around 500 g of Uranin could intensely colour sea areas of approximately 4000 m2 . And as a fluorescent dye, Uranin is highly suitable for rendering leakage points visible in leaking waste water pipes, on flat roofs and in humid cellars, or for testing of leaks in walls, pipes or tank systems.

This is how it works

Concentrated Uranin solutions are dark red and do not fluoresce. Since it was discovered 100 years ago that, when diluted, even the smallest quantities of this artificially produced substance could colour the largest volumes of water fluorescent green, the substance has been used, as still is until today, as a marking agent to investigate subterranean water currents. And also, of course, for locating leakages! At the same time, Uranin hardly attaches itself to rock surfaces and barely marks many non-absorbent construction materials. On top of that, when exposed to daylight Uranin decomposes within just a few days, making it highly suitable for locating leakages on leaking house walls.

Water often takes strange routes …

This is how you identify leakages and other strange occurrences: Uranin 100g now on special offer for just € 24.95 incl. VAT – available now in our Trotec-Shop!

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