More than just hot air

Electric fan heater

Your guests should feel well – whether couples, families, entire school classes or hiking groups. That is your number one motto as a provider of holiday homes and cottages.

As long as the weather does its job, the comfortable conditions of the rooms don’t need to be discussed. But as soon as temperatures drop, all these accommodations have to be heated – even only for the short term in some cases. To make sure you are always prepared, all holiday facilities should have a mobile heating equipment that can be accessed at all times. Trotec’s TDS series of electric fan heaters are always ready to make your guests feel comfortable.

More than just hot air

As soon as guests arrive, their accommodation has to be in shipshape. This doesn’t just mean that holiday homes and weekend cottages are properly cleaned and furnished. First and foremost, the temperature inside has to be right. In summer the question of additional heating in holiday accommodation doesn’t arise. But when it gets colder outside, you should make sure that you have access to a mobile heating device at all times.  This is because guests will feel uncomfortable in cold rooms and displeased with the service as a whole. The solution is simple: It’s called TDS! That means the TDS series of electric fan heaters from Trotec. Because with these models you can offer your holidaymakers the desired heat at the touch of a button. Fast and effective!

Cosy heating within minutes

Imagine a group of visitors is staying in one of your houses. After the first day, however, the summery weather takes a turn for the worse, leaving the guests to feel the chill of the cold evenings and nights. To make sure that everyone feels comfortable, staff get the mobile fan heaters from storage and put one in every house. Every guest can then heat to their heart’s content and feel completely comfortable.
For such an ideal situation, you need your own backup heating devices for use depending on with the weather conditions and booking levels. The TDS series offers you six different high-performance models to select from. The TDS 10 electric fan heater, for example, is especially suited to smaller cottages with its maximum heating output of 2kW. This model combines reliable technology with attractive design. For larger cottages and holiday homes, greater output is needed. The TDS 75 electric fan heater offers a heating output of 15kW and is ideally suited for long-term periods of use. As standard, the series has of course features such as an integrated thermostat for non-varying heat flow, overheating protection and level-based temperature controls.

What’s convincing about the TDS series:

  • top quality: 100% Trotec
  • temperature control with three heating levels
  • integrated thermostat for a constant flow of hot air
  • overheating protection
  • easy installation on walls and ceilings
  • space-saving and can be stacked stably

On top of this, the series’ cost-effectiveness is impressive. With the TDS series you get top-quality heating for your holiday accommodation at a reasonable price!

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