Warm all round, happy all round

Infrared Heating Panel

For many people who own a flat or house, the hobby room is their second home. It is where you carry out fiddly repairs, indulge in absorbing hobbies or hold parties – depending on how you have furnished it. As it is rare to install a permanent, effective heating system in a building’s basement, you need to add something to ensure that you are nice and comfortable there during your leisure time.

Trotec’s TIH 630 Infrared Heating Panel is very flat, so it takes up little space. Thanks to the waves of heat, the temperature generated is distributed homogeneously, and there will be no more complaining about electrical heaters’ “warm head, cold feet” effect. Heating with infrared? That’s smart!

Warm all round, happy all round

Great! How rewarding it is, to be able retreat to your hobby room in the evening or at the weekend, to devote yourself in peace and quiet to whatever you really enjoy doing. Some people convert their basement into a small gym area so they can work out. Others amuse themselves by fiddling around with repairs and DIY. And yet others love to use their hobby room to lose themselves in solving giant jigsaws, sewing, or making models or pottery. And sometimes it’s enough to enjoy a good get-together or party with your friends – particularly when you have installed a bar in your basement. But. however you like to use your basement, you need to have it nicely heated. But you don’t need it all the time. So it is very rare to find a proper, installed heating system in the basement.

Warmth at the right time

Whether you are practising sport, doing DIY or solving puzzles, if you are to ensure that you are always comfortable – at the push of a button, as it were – you need to set things up properly and get a heater. For sports and activities which requires great concentration, you need to ensure that the heater is particularly quiet and that it generates a pleasant, homogeneously distributed warmth. And these are exactly the benefits you get when you opt for an infrared heating panel. Trotec has the TIH 630 Infrared Heating Panel in stock for you.

Requires little space and cheap to run

There are various arguments in favour of using infrared waves to provide temporary heating. Firstly, infrared heating panels are good value and, because they are very slim, they don’t take up much space. In contrast to conventional heaters, which work on the convection principle, the TIH 630 infrared panel generates a homogeneous warmth which is distributed over large areas. You will never again moan about the fan heater principle which gives you a “hot head but cold feet”. The unit’s added rear insulation ensures maximum energy efficiency and optimal radiation. Moreover, an infrared heating panel generates more or less no air circulation, so there is no stirring up of dust particles, which is particularly bothersome to people who suffer from allergies. And it is particularly pleasant that the heating panel operates noiselessly. It means you can dedicate yourself in full to your hobby, without being disturbed. If you have a hobby room which is particularly large, you can quickly and easily combine two, or even three, infrared heating panels in a stable stack. You get all these benefits from this top quality “made in Germany” product – from Trotec, of course.

The benefits to you

  • 630 watts heating capacity
  • Homogeneous heat distribution
  • Maximum energy efficiency and optimal radiation
  • No noise, no odour, no condensate
  • Professional “Made in Germany” quality –
    originally produced by Trotec

A tip: Take a look at Trotec’s website today. On the TIH 630 Infrared Heating Panel product page we are offering the model with a massive reduction, for just £ 208.31 incl. VAT.

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