Construction security for rent

Construction security for rent

The onset of winter can quickly bring construction site work to a halt. The result: Potential major delays which hit the builder in the pocket. But you can defy the minus temperatures, because the solution is close at hand: With the use of mobile heaters, work can go on, particularly indoors.

With the TKL Rental Division you can rent Trotec’s top-quality, mobile electric and oil heaters, even for brief periods. And your plans can continue unaltered even when there is an unanticipated cold snap.

Construction security for rent

Winter time equals downtime. This is often true of construction sites and construction work. In roadwork, for instance, it is normal to take a winter break. On the other hand, completing the job quickly is increasingly important to construction companies. Firstly, it is more efficient to carry on working. The job gets done more quickly, and the builder saves the expense involved in making a site winter-proof. Secondly, the client does not want a long wait. Finishing a job quickly enhances your reputation and ensures that your clients will recommend you to others. But you can’t mess around with frost and long spells of minus temperatures. It is true that modern building materials enable work to continue to almost freezing point. But the main problem is moisture. Moisture inevitably occurs when bricklaying and plastering interior walls. Screeding, too, causes a build-up of moisture. So winter construction involves above all a risk of mould formation! There is only one solution: Effective heating and ventilation. With the right heaters, from Trotec, snow and ice will no longer disrupt your construction work.

Save money through low-cost rentals

Since the onset of winter varies greatly depending on the region, and since the long-term weather forecast can provide the building trade with little certainly, there are two options: You can either buy your own heaters, or you can go to the TKL Rental Division and rent your electric or oil heaters, as you need them and at low cost.  We supply top-quality Trotec heaters with a range of power outputs at exceptional terms. You can rely on us. Because TKL Rental has heaters in stock in the volumes required for just about any need.

The TEH series electric heaters are dependable heating aids in the building trade. Robust and high-quality, these heaters come in a range of power outputs, from a solid 3.3 kW for smaller areas to a powerful 120 kW. The oil heaters in the ID series cover every power class. Available for rent are models with a heat output of 110 kW, all the way to central oil heating units with an output of 345 kW.

Calculating heat output

What heating level does your project require? You can use our online heat output calculator to get a rough calculation. TKL’s experienced advisers are of course also on hand to calculate your project’s exact heating needs. If desired, we can come to your site and work out a customized solution with you. Benefit from expert advice and top-quality Trotec heaters – all from one source.

With TKL, you can be as flexible as the weather is spontaneous! Get in touch with our rental service and enquire about our special terms.

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