New: TIH 350+ / TIH 650+ infrared heating panels – ideal for drying out walls in new buildings or following water damage

The TIH 350+/TIH 650+ infrared heating panels offer the best conditions for effective drying. This is because an innovative mix of materials guarantees an absolutely uniform radiant heat output and thus heat distribution over the entire surface of the heating panel. What’s more, the TIH heating panels are additionally insulated at the rear – ensuring optimum object-oriented radiation output and maximum energy efficiency.

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NEW high performance infrared radiant heaters – for clean and quiet warmth

Summer is now in extra time: with the new high-performance infrared radiant heaters from the IR S series, you can play a trick on the increasingly cool temperatures on your patio. Both radiant heaters are the ideal solution for providing chilly corners in cellars, workshops or restaurant terraces for example, with cosy warmth.

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NEW IR 2000 S Infrared Radiant Heater – cosy warmth following the principle of the sun

In just a few weeks it will be getting cooler again with the start of autumn. Then the time for sitting comfortably on the patio in the evening will be over and a slight chill will quickly set in with the morning showers. The only good thing is that the new IR 2000 S infrared radiant heater is being launched on schedule: it provides cosy warmth both outdoors and indoors – accurately, evenly and directly. Best of all: if you order it before the end of CW 36, you will even save 60 % with our deal!

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NEW infrared heating panels at 300, 450 and up to 900 watts – infrared heating at its finest!

Clever minds think counter-cyclically. Since after a hot summer a cooler autumn and a colder winter follow, everyone should promptly prepare who wants to sit in warmth throughout their apartment or house in the near future. Our new infrared heating, the TIH 300 S, 400 S and 900 S heating panels, are the perfect solution to equip previously unheated spaces with an effective and elegant heat source and living spaces with an isolated additional heating source.

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IR 1500 S Radiant Heater – for direct, deep infrared heat!

Cold bathroom in the morning! Cold workshop in the afternoon! Evenings on the patio: even colder! There is only one thing for it: heat – right now! And that’s exactly what we provide with our IR 1500 S infrared heater. The extremely energy efficient quartz heater produces direct, cosy infrared heat following the natural principle of the sun, because quartz heaters are perfectly suited as additional heaters anywhere you need fast heating performance.

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Radiant heater IR 1500 S – finally back in stock!

Why was the infrared radiant heater IR 1500 S sold out within a few days? Was it the sensationally affordable offer? The fantastic enticing design? The squeaky clean technical solution as a fast and condensation-free, odourless and noiseless heat source? The truth of the matter is – we don’t know! It was probably the successful combination of all of the above! However, what we do know is that out star radiant heater is now available once again. That is – for the time being!

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TIH 500 S and 700 S infra-red heating panels – back in stock!

After the TIH 500 S and 700 S infrared heating panels were recently awarded the TÜV-certified quality label, there has been a rapid increase in the demand for these devices which are already highly sought after. The trademarked heating panels were sold out at short notice, but they are now both available again: whether they are for providing additional heating for living rooms, for use at restaurants and at the workplace, or for quickly drying of wall surfaces – just in time before winter sets in.

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Warm all round, happy all round

Infrared Heating Panel

For many people who own a flat or house, the hobby room is their second home. It is where you carry out fiddly repairs, indulge in absorbing hobbies or hold parties – depending on how you have furnished it. As it is rare to install a permanent, effective heating system in a building’s basement, you need to add something to ensure that you are nice and comfortable there during your leisure time.

Trotec’s TIH 630 Infrared Heating Panel is very flat, so it takes up little space. Thanks to the waves of heat, the temperature generated is distributed homogeneously, and there will be no more complaining about electrical heaters’ “warm head, cold feet” effect. Heating with infrared? That’s smart!

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Second hand infrared quarz heaters IR-Pro Terrasun for low prices

There’s a limited number of IR-Pro Terrasun infrared electric heaters available. The appliance’s emitter is made of extrusion-moulded anodised aluminium as well as a lead-free powder-coating and allows pinpoint accurate heating of workplaces and objects.

Heating with infrared electric heaters is not only a very cost effective method, but also a well-suited method for closed spaces. No oxygen is being consumed and no annoying odours can occur.

Although the offered appliances are used models with slight traces of use they come with full warranty!

Get more detailed information on IR-Pro Terrasun infrared quarz heaters here.