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Tasks relating to heating systems are manifold: Radiators must be renewed, pipes rinsed or renovated.  Or a complete, old heating system is even replaced by an eco-friendly system. In order to keep your customers out of the cold during this kind of work, you must make sure of one thing first: a replacement heater. You can find these in the selection of mobile heaters from Trotec. From electric heaters for single rooms to large oil central heating systems for air conditioning production and storage facilities, the best solutions are available to you. Your customers will be more than satisfied:

The demand for real estate has never been greater. Those who can, invest in their own four walls either to live in these or to invest their money in a profitable way. Old flats, the respectable end of terrace house, multi-family dwellings and commercial real estate in a good location are very difficult to find on the real estate market. This means an exceptionally good order situation especially for the skilled trades. And especially among older properties are the plumbing, heating and air conditioning trades in demand. Because in every home and in every commercial property one thing in particular must be up to date: the heating system. Boiler plants must be replaced in apartment buildings. A wood-pellet boiler is to be installed in an old flat.  Often a gas fired boiler must be replaced for reasons of age. For you as a service provider in the HVAC industry, the focus of any order is that renovations occur without disturbing the residents. Because only a satisfied customer will hire you again or recommend you. And what’s more: You and your staff should be allowed to perform any renovations – even for a full system conversion – without any time constraints. So, even before the first tool is pulled out, a solution must be found as to how the heating outage can be bridged while work is being done. For each heating outage, the Trotec Group has a suitable heater available for you in each performance category: from the TEH series electric heaters or the small TDS seriesheater fans to the robust TEH seriesheating units up to the  ID seriescentral oil heating units. This is how you can really heat up small rooms and offices, entire floors of commercial units and production and storage facilities. Your customers always stay warm, and your staff can do their renovations without time constraints.

Mobile heaters instead of expensive provisional solutions

All Trotec heaters, whether from the TEH series, the TDS or the ID series, are ideal for mobile use. The advantage this brings is that you are flexible with your renovation work. And your customer benefits from a prompt, reliable and affordable interim solution. Heating system renovation without interrupting the heating supply: With a mobile heating system from Trotec, all parties are satisfied!
Especially during the cold months of the year is a mobile heating system part of the the HVAC industry’s standard equipment. But which heater is the right one for the job? Are the mobile heaters fan suitable for your contracts, or is a powerful central heating unit better? Our Trotec industral service specialist staff is happy to help. We are your competent partner when it comes to selecting the appropriate equipment for for your business. Of course you can also rent our mobile all-rounder for any room size. Ask the experts of our TKL rental division. We look forward to your call!

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