NEW Infra-red Heating panel TIH 650 – optimal for drying wall surfaces

tih650Drying wall surfaces in new buildings, or after water damage and refurbishment, usually requires a little more time than what impatient investors or builders like to quote for. The infra-red heating panels present an easy alternative. But unfortunately many conventional heating panelsradiate heat unevenly – inadequate for effectively drying surfaces. But Trotec has something: the new TIH 650 infra-red heating panel.

Thanks to the new professional TIH 650 infra-red heating panel, wall surfaces, particularly solid masonry, can now be dried significantly faster in comparison to traditional drying methods. Because the completely even heat output, and thus distribution across the entire surface of the heating panel, is guaranteed through the use of innovative materials in the construction of the TIH 650. In addition, the TIH 650 is once again insulated on the reverse side. This guarantees optimal object-oriented radiation as well as maximum energy efficiency. Compared to its predecessor, the improved aluminium composite construction of the TIH 650 now features an even higher torsional rigidity.

For fast and stable means of drying larger surface areas, up to three of the new TIH 650 infra-red heating panels can be combined into a stack. The construction of the specially-designed feet of the TIH 650 makes it practically automatic to effectively position the heating panel: with wall detection, the ideal distance and optimum efficiency is guaranteed.
With the available mounting accessories, you can additionally extend the range of uses of the TIH 650 and use the infra-red heating panels individually or in a stack attached to the commercially available mounting brackets. Since the TIH 650 operates silently, it can be used without any problems in residential areas – and is incidentally, ideal for heating occupied rooms.

Four of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

•    professional quality “Made in Germany” – an original Trotec product
•    the top-quality infra-red heating panel with genuine 650 Watt heating capacity
•    the innovative materials allow for an even heat distribution
•    the insulation on the reverse side ensures optimum energy efficiency

Infra-red heating panel TIH 650 – dries masonry faster

As a professional, do you appreciate it if a device can also easily do your job professionally? Then order our new infra-red heating panel TIH 650 today for only £242.18 incl. VAT. – available now in the Trotec shop!

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