IDS 20 and IDS 20 D oil heaters– now on offer!

IDS 20 Oil Fired Indirect Heater

Our direct and indirect oil-fired heaters IDS 20 D and IDS 20 have always enjoyed great popularity. This is because both devices are completely simple to use, highly mobile thanks to their built-in tanks and also impress with their attractive price-performance ratio. And now we’ve taken it one step further: both oil heaters are currently available for a great offer price that will easily ensure nobody is left feeling cold…

Both oil heaters generate a nominal heat output of around 20 kW. Both are equipped with integrated fuel tanks, the IDS 20 with a 17 litre tank capacity and the IDS 20 with a 42 litre tank capacity, and in addition both devices can, in the same way, easily be manoeuvred around construction sites or uneven ground thanks to undercarriages with extra-large wheels. The two are differentiated by the  direct and indirect oil firing.

The difference is the chimney – but not just…

  • The direct heater, IDS 20 D – or the one without a chimney! – provides mobile heating power with 100% efficiency. It is the most effective heating device construction type and  is optimally suited for heating well-ventilated stables or winter building sites as well as for defrosting machines, cars or pipes.
  • The IDS 20 indirect heater – that is, the one with the chimney! – is designed for continuously heating workshops and construction sites, storage areas and livestock stables. This is because, in such places, the heater is generally positioned away from the warm air zone – the warm air is usually transported via an air hose to the area to be heated.

This is how it works

Both oil heaters are equipped for fully-automatic thermostat-controlled operation. In addition, the devices include as standard an electronic flame safeguard, a safety thermostat for protection against overheating and a fully-automatic aftercooling function. The double-walled housing with a protective coating provides effective sound insulation and minimises the surface temperature of the outer cover – which also reduces the risk of injury. On top of this, both devices guarantee high reliability as well as minimal maintenance.

Four of many benefits which I like the most:

  • Integrated oil burner with Danfoss® pump
  • Electronic flame safeguard
  • Overheating thermostat
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber

We’ve really turned up the heat with this special offer!

Decide which oil heater is best suited to your requirements and order today: the IDS 20 D oil heater is only £ 313.53, reduced from £ 452.45 incl. VAT and/or order the IDS 20 oil heater for only £ 627.11 reduced from £ 741.63 incl. VAT – available now in our Trotec shop!


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