Catering for sports


Even with a well functioning heating system, sports hall and event venue operators should be prepared for all eventualities. When only a section of a hall is rented out or the heating system suddenly breaks down, you should be able to act quickly. For situations like these, it’s worth setting up a small extra heating area.

When needed, mobile heating devices can be put in place and heat up a section of the hall in a jiffy. The TEH-series of electrical heaters from Trotec are reliable partners for this task.

Catering for sports

It can take hours to heat up a sports hall or a large events venue. Especially in cold months, this means huge energy consumption. Such consumption levels are of course worth if the hall or venue is fully booked out. But what should you as an operator do if, for example, only one small sports class has made reservations to use only one small section of the sports hall? It would be a complete waste of energy to heat the entire hall. For small meetings in a venue, like club committee meeting, only an isolated area needs to be heated. Its not just that the heat in a large hall goes mostly unused when there is low occupancy. To get the heating equipment started up in advance, additional personnel have to be on site, too. Its exactly cases like these when it is worth setting up a small additional heating area.

Mobile helpers

With an additional mobile heating system, you are prepared for every eventuality. Just shortly before a small yoga class or a mother-and-child exercise group begins, you can put a small but high-performance heater into place and into operation. Within a few minutes, the isolated corner or the sports hall is pleasantly warm and exercise can begin. In this way, you can also provide heating for unscheduled meetings and classes which have been relocated to the hall from outside due to poor weather. Responsive, reliable and effective: These attributes can all be found in Trotec’s mobile TEH-series electric heaters. These strong heat providers don’t need any air intake or exit vents and don’t use up any oxygen –  so athletes are left with plenty of air to breathe.
The concentrated flow of hot air makes sure that heat is delivered to the place where it is required.

100 % reliable – 100 per cent Trotec

A targeted hot air flow and high fan power: That is what the TEH series stands for. There are four devices from different performance classes for you to select from. Choose your multi-purpose heating device – specifically according to your needs. The TEH 30 T electric heater, for example, provides a high heat output of 3.3kW. Thanks to its useful inside handles, it can be moved and put into place with exceptional ease. And when no longer needed, it can be stored taking up little space.

Regardless of what model you choose. With a TEH series electric heater you are on the safe side. The heaters are

  • ready for use within a short time,
  • exceptionally easy to operate
  • and extremely easy to maintain

These high-performance devices offer

  • a concentrated non-swirling flow of hot air,
  • space-saving storage
  • and safe movability.

If you have questions about our heaters or need help in making your selection, please contact our Trotec industry service. Our competent specialists are at your disposal.

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