In-depth view into all corners of the vehicle


Are you an antique car enthusiast? Or does your heart beat for a sporty new body that you’ve procured? The new vehicles are, or course, better coated and appropriately protected against weathering. Nevertheless, the slogan for classic/antique cars and new models alike is: Eyes open! There is a particular risk of rust forming in the concealed corners of the body. And the consequences can be very expensive. So it’s worth having a Trotec videoscope in your home or garage. These high-quality devices do not only allow you to detect deficiencies in concealed areas of the body. You can also take a close look inside the bonnet of your vehicle without getting a crick in your neck. A videoscope is not just practical, but it saves the pennies, too. We are happy to tell you how it works.

Looking after a much-loved vehicle requires instinct. You know this as an enthusiast of particular models, whether it be an antique or classic car, or a new speedster. But to merely polish and carry out small repairs every now and then is not enough to keep the car in good condition and maintain its value. Are you an enthusiastic grease monkey or a professional mechanic? Then you surely know that you have to be especially vigilant when it comes to two things: moisture and detection of defects, particularly those in the lower part of the body and in the bonnet. Moisture particularly likes to settle in concealed corners of the body, where it can do immense damage if it goes unnoticed. And even small defects in the bonnet, which are not identified early, can result in costly expert repairs. So it’s worth using modern technology to avoid high follow-up and repair costs.

Identifying defects early

If varnish and sealants do not extend to the most remote corner, if initial rust forms or damage is starting to occur in a concealed part of the engine or on the body, then it’s time to take a regular close look at the danger areas. We are happy to tell you how to do this with ease and completely expertly: with a professional videoscope from Trotec. With this high-quality instrument, you will not miss a single detail, and you will obtain optimally illuminated inspection images in no time from a comfortable position. Take a look for yourself!

Optimum visual inspection

An example of the optimum visual inspection for vehicles is the employment of the BO21 videoscope from Trotec. This model makes it possible for you to perform a swift and precise visual inspection into the most remote corner. With the bendable gooseneck probe, into which a waterproof colour camera is integrated, you can look into all cavities and corners of the body and inside your vehicle’s engine. Thanks to its powerful four-fold LED illumination, the BO21 enables optimum illuminated inspection images, which are displayed on the high-quality colour LCD monitor. This way you won’t miss even the smallest of details: With the help of the 180-degree image rotation function, you can see everywhere, and you can achieve this in a virtually upright position thanks to the gooseneck.

The following features make the BO21 videoscope particularly practical:

  • the bendable gooseneck probe with a waterproof camera head
  • the quick and simple handling
  • the optimum quality of the images – thanks to the bright four-fold LED illumination with brightness regulator
  • the numerous accessories for an individual use

Securing a special price online

In the Trotec online shop, you will find various videoscopes to meet your individual needs. Attention bargain hunters. The BO21 videoscope currently costs just £116.66 instead of £148.08.

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