View into concealed corners


What don’t we do to protect our car from damage? Inspections, repairs and high-quality maintenance are on the agenda for protecting the vehicle so that we can benefit from and enjoy the vehicle in the long-term. But, as the common expression goes, the devil is in the detail. Even in your car. There are often damages in concealed points of the body or the engine. Rust, fragile connections and missing seals are not identifiable when looking from the outside. And before we know it, greater damage is done, which not only puts the vehicle out of commission for a prolonged period, but may also cost a lot to repair. With the BO21 Videoscope from Trotec, you can take a detailed look into the concealed corners of the body and thus identify and rectify deficiencies at an early stage. Simple, practical, Trotec!

This is not how we imagined our early summer. Instead of sunshine and constantly warm temperatures, we are having to put up with frequent sharp showers, heavy rain, fog and even hail at times. This does not only damage our mood. The high humidity also attacks our constant companion: our car. Corrosion, rust formation and damage are the result, particularly at the chassis. These as well as damages in the area of the engine are particularly insidious. They can hardly be spotted by the naked eye. And by the time they are, the damage is already done. A common reason for their vulnerability is insufficient sealing and initial rust formations in concealed corners of the body or the engine. Who can tell whether a piece of sealing is missing on a connection to the chassis of the car or whether the paint has been applied to every corner when carrying out an inspection at home?

For friends of detail

You have a sharp eye and insist on looking at everything in full detail? Brilliant! Then, please, proceed meticulously to maintain your car as best you can and protect it from high levels of damage. Your vehicle will thank you for it. Trotec helps you to act professionally and accurately when inspecting your vehicle. Work like a professional and make use of a probe that gives you views into the concealed corners of the body and the engine. This technology allows you to explore concealed areas, which you could otherwise only examine carefully after laborious removal of the engine.

Visual inspection – child’s play

The suitable partner at your side is the BO21 Videoscope from Trotec. It offers you a bendable gooseneck probe, which you can use as a kind of extended eye to look into all cavities and corners of the body and the inside of the engine. The probe is integrated in a water-proof colour camera and, thanks to the powerful quad LED illumination, enables optimally illuminated images of your inspection. The images are displayed on a high-quality colour LCD monitor, which you can comfortably call up at any time. The 180-degree image rotation function is particularly practical. With this, you can look into particularly concealed areas without having to bend over much.

The benefits to you

  • can be used at the press of a button and is very easy to operate
  • robust videoscope probe with water-proof camera head
  • bendable, dimensionally stable gooseneck probe
  • bright quad LED illumination with light regulator
  • wide range of accessories for an individual use
  • excellent price-performance ratio

For your requirements – order online quickly and simply

The BO21 Videoscope from Trotec works precisely for detailed views into body and engine. You can now easily order your partner for an optimum visual inspection online in the Trotec shop – and save hard cash. The BO21 Videoscope is currently available for £108.00 instead of £137.10.

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