NEW VSC206 Industrial Videoscope can be supplied immediately!


Good news, according to the saying, rarely comes alone. Here are three examples all at once: Firstly: Thanks to our amazingly organised production department, the new VSC206 Videoscope is already available this week and not – as originally announced – in week 42. Secondly: You can have this new instrument in just a few days. And thirdly: Our pre-order special offer will continue to run until week 42!

Just this time one can say: ‘Save while waiting without waiting.’ And, in fact, the professional user benefits from every additional day with this unique VSC206 in their hands.  That is because this unit can perform the most difficult visual tests in almost all areas of industry. It combines cable-free operation with a pin-sharp image quality in one mobile, user-friendly compact system.

The universally adjustable probe of the VSC206 has a continuously variable control system using a joystick and allows the multi-layer titanium-coated camera head to turn through the entire 360 degree range in the area to be inspected. The multi-layer design of the pushed probe made from stainless steel wire mesh and PU permits the maximum freedom of movement and at the same time provides a high torsional resistance.

This is how it works

The unit contains a powerful, multi-element LED light source and a brilliant VGA-LCD display. It delivers exactly the sharp and detailed images that are needed for carrying out professional work in an industrial area. Individual images and complete videos can be stored on the supplied SD card.

The VSC206 is convincing through its hand-held control unit weighing only 300 g, which allows even prolonged, effortless use. Furthermore, the unit resists even the roughest of industrial environments. This is because its robust ABS housing and the use of shock-absorbing materials at critical points prevent impact damage and the ingress of dust and water spray – therefore providing the best conditions for reliable everyday use.

Four of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • the portable, light and robust compact system
  • the camera head with continuously variable angling in all directions
  • the LED technology – lower electrical consumption and heat production than with conventional illumination systems
  • the ability to take photos and videos

VSC206 Videoscope – now part of a DEAL offer and available immediately.

Get full information on the advantages that our new VSC206 Industrial Videoscope has to offer and at the same time benefit from our current DEAL offer: order the VSC206 Videoscope by week 42 for immediate delivery for only £1,750.26 incl. VAT instead of £1,842.38 – in the Trotec-Shop now!

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