BY10 tyre pressure meter – also helps to combat sweating!

It’s finally holiday time! Now time to put yoursuitcases in the car and off you go! Or would you rather go on a cycling trip across the region and country? To all those who are now heading off, we wish you a good trip – and above all for you to have exactly the right amount of air in every tyre. And so that nobody breaks a sweat about not having enough air in their tyres, we recommend the BY10 tyre pressure meter. This mobile meter enables the air pressure to be precisely checked in a compact and reliable way both before the start of a trip and on the road.

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Time to replace the tyres – and also time to consider the tyre pressure measuring device BY10


“Ostern bis Oktober fährt man Sommerreifen!”, this German saying referring to only driving on Summer tyres from Easter to October is timeless and still applies today. If you drive in Summer with winter tyres, then they will wear down quicker due to their soft rubber mixture when the temperature is higher, they will result in higher fuel consumption and cause increased braking distances. Always remember: To always check the tyre pressure after replacing the tyres: The data is normally to be found on the rear side of the fuel tank cap – the precision tyre pressure measuring device BY10 can be found here!

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Put on your winter socks and check your tyre pressure!

Tyre Pressure Meter

Even though there is no general winter tyre obligation, road traffic regulations prescribe that motor vehicles driving on black ice, packed snow, snow slush, ice or slippery frost may only be operated on winter and all-season tyres with the M+S label. The changeover time is not regulated, but changeover is generally recommended between October and Easter. And, of course, tyre pressure measurement with our BY 10 gauge is not a mandatory requirement, but …

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On the road with certainty – every time!

Are you already properly equipped for the motorcycle season? Are you sure? Because with motorbiking it all comes down top safety equipment like helmet and protective gear along with reliable technology. This includes having the right tyre pressure. This needs to be checked every two weeks. You can do this with complete ease if you have the BY10 tyre pressure meter from Trotec at your disposal. Place it on the valve, push the button – and the digital gauge immediately gives you precise measurements. A secure ride any time!

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Before your first journey: our motorbike check!

Tyre Pressure Meter

Spring! Start of the biking season! But before you set off, you should first check that everything is all right with your motorbike. You can do this with lightning speed using our motorbike checklist. You’ll see that after doing these jobs you will have a much better feeling about driving your bike – and you’ll have good reason to look forward to that tasty bacon sandwich during the following ride!

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Time to change tyres – and time for the BY10 tyre pressure meter


For car tyres throughout the realm, the Easter to October period is, essentially, “summer tyre time”. It’s the time when changing tyres is the flavour of the month, and you either do it yourself or get the experts to do it. But, whoever changes them, it’s vital that you check that the newly fitted ones have the correct pressure. You will normally find these values behind the petrol cap –  the reliable BY10 tyre pressure meter you can find in our shops.

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Time to change your tyres – and time for the new BY10 Tyre Pressure Meter


By now we have all heard that from October to Easter, for the sake of all our safety, we should be using winter tyres. If you intend to change your car’s “socks” at the right time, the beginning of October, you should also think about checking the proper tyre pressure. The values for the front and back wheels can be found in your car’s instruction manual, and the corresponding reliable BY10 Tyre Pressure Meter can be found at Trotec!

It may be commendable to follow the winter tyre rule from “O to E”, but it is just as important to monitor the proper tyre pressure: Doing this will eliminate safety hazards such as increased breaking distance or unstable cornering, and will also prevent excessive tyre wear. And with the smallest effort you could make considerable savings: Read More

Make sure you have the right tyre pressure before your next tour

The right tyre pressure on the bike
When was the last time you went on a bike tour through one of our many inspiringly picturesque countrysides, along paths that followed scenic stretches of waterways, through hauntingly beautiful forests or woodland, across sprawling commons or down winding, rickety roads and up narrow, twisted tracks as you drank in the wonderful views and scenery in between long, deep breaths of bracing, clean, fresh air?

And when was the last time you checked the pressure of the tyres on your bike?
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7 degress C – that’s the temperature that tells you now’s the time for winter tyres!

Tyre pressure meter to check the pressure of winter tyresFor many children, especially the younger ones, it was like a dream come true. The whole country lay under a thick blanket of soft, crunchy snow with some parts of England reporting as much as 30 – 40 centimetres of snowfall overnight. Even schools were forced to close their doors, which only added to the children’s delight. For the rest of the nation it was a nightmare. The cold snap, the worst in 30 years, left whole villages cut off from the outer world, causing cities to become hopelessly clogged and commuters driving home from work to become stranded in their cars where the unluckier ones suffered abysmally as they spent the night on one of many thousands of miles of roads and motorways across the country that had turned into treacherous ice rinks or become impassable because of snow drifts and heavy snow. Yet despite the gruelling winter we had last year – and the winter before that – and the prospect of yet another big freeze that is forecast to take another harsh, icy grip on the UK and the rest of Europe this year, there are still some diehards out there who cannot see the sense in fitting their cars with winter tyres when the year draws to a close and the temperatures in our otherwise relative mild mainly maritime climate start to drop.

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Time to take your tyre pressure seriously

The right tyre pressure for your motorcycle - with the tyre pressure gauge from TrotecAccidents happen. And sometimes it seems that there was nothing that anyone could have possibly done to prevent them. In fact, some people firmly believe that our lives are predetermined and that no matter which actions we take or whichever path through life we choose to follow, the outcome will inevitably always be the same.

But for those of us who are not prepared to accept this notion and put their destiny in the hands of fate it would appear to be a good idea to look more closely at the facts and the tide of events that lead up to an accident and to determine whether the accident could have been prevented if certain rules had been adhered to or if there had been a change in certain behavioural patterns.

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