BY10 tyre pressure meter – also helps to combat sweating!

It’s finally holiday time! Now time to put yoursuitcases in the car and off you go! Or would you rather go on a cycling trip across the region and country? To all those who are now heading off, we wish you a good trip – and above all for you to have exactly the right amount of air in every tyre. And so that nobody breaks a sweat about not having enough air in their tyres, we recommend the BY10 tyre pressure meter. This mobile meter enables the air pressure to be precisely checked in a compact and reliable way both before the start of a trip and on the road.

Now it’s time to head off – but not before the tyre pressure has been checked. According to current studies, almost one in three drivers are on the road with tyre pressure that is too low. And many are not at all aware of the danger that this poses …

  • The braking distance increases substantially. When the pressure of a front wheel is just 0.5 bar too low, the braking distance increases by several metres. If the pressure is 1.0 bar too low and the road is wet, it increases by ten percent, as ADAC driving tests have shown.
  • The vehicle drifts out of bends. When the pressure is just 0.5 bar too low, the front outer wheel, which is under particular load, provides only around 80 % of the force of a correctly inflated tyre, while at 1.0 bar that value falls to below 70 %.
  • The rolling resistance increases and, with it, fuel consumption: when the pressure is 0.2 bar too low, this causes 1 % more fuel consumption, and at 0.6 bar that figure already rises to 4 %.

Tyre pressure measurements are part of careful holiday preparation

Regular tyre pressure measurements are worth it for safety reasons and because you can save money in the process. Making such a measurement is nothing less than an obligation before you start your holiday in your car or on your bike. For this, you can mostly find the data specified by the manufacturer in the petrol cap, in the entrance of the driver’s door or in the operating manual – and we have the required BY10 tyre pressure meter! In addition, the BY10 is also ideal for motorbikes and bikes, and the standard adapters mean it can be used with a variety of different types of valve.

Moreover, when you want to check the air pressure, you should not just simply rely on pressure meters at petrol stations, because they are often faulty and sometimes completely unavailable.

It’s so easy for you to reliably check the tyre pressure with the BY10

With the BY10 tyre pressure meter you can measure the tyre pressure quickly and reliably with  digital precision and read the calculated values on the LCD display. Thanks to the integrated torch, the valve position can also quickly and easily be seen at night or in dim garage light, and the tyre’s tread and condition can be checked. Due to its compact dimensions, this meter can always fit in your boot, under your motorbike seat or in your saddle bag – in this way, it’s immediately within your reach without a long search.

BY10 tyre pressure meter – and we wish you a lovely holiday!

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