Put on your winter socks and check your tyre pressure!

Tyre Pressure Meter

Even though there is no general winter tyre obligation, road traffic regulations prescribe that motor vehicles driving on black ice, packed snow, snow slush, ice or slippery frost may only be operated on winter and all-season tyres with the M+S label. The changeover time is not regulated, but changeover is generally recommended between October and Easter. And, of course, tyre pressure measurement with our BY 10 gauge is not a mandatory requirement, but …

But it’s better! You can prevent such hazards as longer stopping distances or unstable cornering by maintaining the correct tyre inflation pressure. Regular checks and tyre pressure adjustments also let you avoid higher tread wear and even save you money on fuel. Even a decreased tyre pressure of only 7.5 psi (0.5 bar) from the manufacturer’s recommended pressure can increase fuel consumption by up to 6%.

Regularly checking your tyre pressure is therefore definitely worth it. That’s why experts recommend doing so at least once a month and, of course, after every tyre change! And it’s best to take the issue into your own hands, for example with our BY10 tyre pressure gauge, because you just can’t rely on maintaining air pressure using the compressors available at petrol stations: all too often these are either in a miserable state or sometimes even missing entirely.

This is how it works

The BY10 tyre pressure gauge convinces with solid engineering and convenient features. Its LCD screen shows you the exact tyre pressure with digital precision. Its built-in torch is particularly practical – you appreciate it whenever you just want to locate a valve and check your tyre tread depth and condition quickly and easily during the evening, in the dark winter months or in a dimly lit garage. Moreover, the BY10 is also ideal for motorcycles and bicycles. Thanks to widely available adapters, it can be used with many different valve types. And, best of all, because of its compact size, this gauge always finds room in your boot or under your motorcycle seat – and is always at hand.

Safer through autumn and winter – with the correct tyre pressure!

You should measure your tyre pressure regularly once a month and after every tyre change: make sure your next trip is a safe one and order your BY10 tyre pressure gauge now, not for £ 7.77 but for only £ 6.19 incl. VAT – available now in our Trotec shop!

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