Time to change tyres – and time for the BY10 tyre pressure meter


For car tyres throughout the realm, the Easter to October period is, essentially, “summer tyre time”. It’s the time when changing tyres is the flavour of the month, and you either do it yourself or get the experts to do it. But, whoever changes them, it’s vital that you check that the newly fitted ones have the correct pressure. You will normally find these values behind the petrol cap –  the reliable BY10 tyre pressure meter you can find in our shops.

As helpful as the “October to Easter rule” may be, the “Easter to October” rule is all about having the right air pressure, which is as important as fitting the right tyres. By the way, when checking the air pressure, you should not just rely on pressure meters at petrol stations, because they are often faulty and sometimes completely unavailable. Experts recommend that you measure your tyre pressures yourself, after any tyre change of course, and also at monthly intervals. There are three good reasons for this:

When your tyre pressure is too low …

  • … there is a substantial increase in the braking distance. With just 0.5 bar too little pressure in a front wheel, the braking distance increases by several metres. If it is 1.0 bar down and the road is wet, it even increases by ten percent, as ADAC driving tests have shown.
  • … the vehicle may drift out of bends. Also when the pressure is just 0.5 bar too low, the front outer wheel, which is under particular load, provides only around 80 % of the force of a correctly inflated tyre, while at 1.0 bar that value falls below 70 %.
  • … the rolling resistance increases and, with it, fuel consumption: low-pressure of 0.2 bar causes 1 % more fuel consumption, at 0.6 bar that figure even rises to 4 %.

How it works

The BY10 tyre pressure meter enables you to see, quickly and reliably, what pressure remains in each tyre. Measurements are carried out with digital precision and you can read the respective values on the LCD display. The integrated torch is particularly practical. It can be used when it’s gloomy, at night time, and in poorly lit garages to quickly and easily see the valve position and to check the tyre’s condition and tread. Of course, the BY10 is also suited for motor cycles and bicycles, and by means of standard adapters it can be used with many different types of valves. And, being very compact, the meter can easily be stowed in the boot so that it is always close at hand.

BY10 – for precision tyre pressure checking

We hope that all your journeys are safe. And, to ensure you can relax and enjoy them, do consider checking your vehicle’s tyre pressure every time you switch tyres and at monthly intervals: with the BY10 tyre pressure meter, now not £7.64 but just £6.08 incl. VAT – available now in our Trotec shop!

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