Before your first journey: our motorbike check!

Tyre Pressure Meter

Spring! Start of the biking season! But before you set off, you should first check that everything is all right with your motorbike. You can do this with lightning speed using our motorbike checklist. You’ll see that after doing these jobs you will have a much better feeling about driving your bike – and you’ll have good reason to look forward to that tasty bacon sandwich during the following ride!

  • You did remove the battery before storing your bike for the winter, didn’t you? So now replace the battery and top it up with distilled water, if necessary.
  • After installing the battery, check that the bike’s lights and direction indicators are working correctly.
  • The next job is to check the oil level – is it correct? Brilliant!
  • Now it’s the turn of the brakes. First roll the bike slowly forwards by pushing … does the front brake grip? Then start up your little beauty, ride a few meters and then test the foot brake. And – does your bike stop on a sixpence?
  • You should now check the drive chain tension by hand. If this is still correct, grease the chain with a good-quality grease and afterwards remove any excess grease with a cloth.
  • It is also essential that you check the tyre pressure before the first journey. For this, use the BY10 Tyre Pressure Meter from Trotec – also ideal for use when out and about. Because a reduction in pressure of only 0.5 bar will cause a noticable increase in fuel consumption. Furthermore, there are also safety risks at stake, such as an increased braking distance and instabilty in curves.
  • We’re almost done – all that’s left is to wipe over your little beauty with a clean, moist cloth containing a little care product and it will shine again just like it did on day one.

Including a digital LCD display: Tyre Pressure Gauge BY10

Finds space in the smallest saddle bag or simply under the seat: Instead of the previous price of £ 7.56, order the BY10 Tyre Pressure Meter BY10 for only £ 6.02 incl. VAT. – available now in the Trotec shop!

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