Time to change your tyres – and time for the new BY10 Tyre Pressure Meter


By now we have all heard that from October to Easter, for the sake of all our safety, we should be using winter tyres. If you intend to change your car’s “socks” at the right time, the beginning of October, you should also think about checking the proper tyre pressure. The values for the front and back wheels can be found in your car’s instruction manual, and the corresponding reliable BY10 Tyre Pressure Meter can be found at Trotec!

It may be commendable to follow the winter tyre rule from “O to E”, but it is just as important to monitor the proper tyre pressure: Doing this will eliminate safety hazards such as increased breaking distance or unstable cornering, and will also prevent excessive tyre wear. And with the smallest effort you could make considerable savings: For example, tyre pressure just 0.5 bar below the level recommended by the manufacturer can increase fuel consumption up to 6%. But you shouldn’t rely on checking your tyre pressure at the petrol station, the meters there are often in abysmal condition and sometimes even missing completely. So regularly checking your tyre pressure yourself is worthwhile whichever way you look at it. Experts recommend you do this every time you change your tyres and once a month thereafter.

This is how it works

With the BY10 Tyre Pressure Meter you can determine the exact tyre pressure with digital precision and read it from the LCD display. The integrated torch is especially handy, allowing you to quickly and easily find the valve position and monitor the tyre tread and condition, even outside on dark evenings or in a poorly-lit garage. The BY10 is of course also perfectly suited for motorbikes and bicycles, and thanks to its standard adaptors it can be used on many other of types of tyre. With its compact dimensions you will always be able to find a place for it in the boot of your car – so you can always have it at hand.

Get through Autumn and Winter safely with the right tyre pressure!

For a safe drive every trip, you should check your tyre pressure every time you change your tyres and once a month thereafter: with the BY10 Tyre Pressure Meter for only € 9.98 € incl. VAT. – now available in our Trotec Shop!

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