On the road with certainty – every time!

Are you already properly equipped for the motorcycle season? Are you sure? Because with motorbiking it all comes down top safety equipment like helmet and protective gear along with reliable technology. This includes having the right tyre pressure. This needs to be checked every two weeks. You can do this with complete ease if you have the BY10 tyre pressure meter from Trotec at your disposal. Place it on the valve, push the button – and the digital gauge immediately gives you precise measurements. A secure ride any time!

On the road with certainty – every time!

Hardly any other check on your motorbike is as important as measuring the tyre pressure. This is because if the pressure is too low the types will lose their shape. The power transfer drops dramatically, something which can have disastrous consequences on bends. The tyres are left with hardly any grip and the motorcyclist drifts out from the bend. There is also a huge loss of stability on straight stretches and braking distances increase by several metres. For your own safety you should therefore check the tyre pressure of your motorbike every two weeks at the least.

The right tyre pressure

The optimal value for the pressure of your tyres is specified by the manufacturer. Older motorbikes with an engine displacement of up to a maximum of 550 ccm should have pressure levels of 2.25 to 2.5 bar in the front tyre and 2.5 to 2.9 in the rear tyre. Light street bikes can manage with pressures of1.7 to 2.1 bar in front and 1.8 to 2.3 bar in the rear.

Relying on your gauge

To make sure you are always up-to-date, you shouldn’t just rely on the pressure gauges that you come across at petrol stations. That’s because these are often in poor condition and give incorrect values.
We recommend you equip yourself with a BY10 tyre pressure meter from Trotec. That’s because this device works with extreme reliability for your safety. It provides you with exact values which you can read from its LCD display with ease. It’s level of measurement accuracy is within ± 1 per cent! It’s measurement range extends from 0.35 to 6.9 bar. The devices dimensions make it especially handy. The BY10 from Trotec is 156 mm long, 20 mm wide and weighs only 200g. This way there will be easily room for it in your in-vehicle tool kit.

Another really smart feature of the gauge is its integrated torch light. Even in the evening or in a dimly lit garage, this allows you to quickly find the location of the air valve while checking the tyre threads at the same time.

The benefits to you:

  • Quick and precise tyre pressure checks thanks to digital technology
  • Large LCD display for easy reading of the measurement values
  • Integrated torch light
  • Compact dimensions and low weight

Motorcyclists in mind: The BY10 tyre pressure meter is currently available in our Trotec online shop for the amazingly low price of £5.94. Safety at a low price: that’s what will get your motorbike season off to a flying start.

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