NEW premium pyrometers


Here come two superb-quality, professional, universal, precision thermometers. Thanks to their large temperature measuring range, high optical resolution and many other innovative functions, both are bound to be top of everyone’s list for all sorts of industrial maintenance tasks. For the small trade sector, too, for example to help professionally and safely diagnose and maintain heating and air-conditioning systems.

The design of both infrared thermometers is inspired by practical experience in German industry, and is patent-protected. Because their development, design and manufacture are 100 % Trotec and they combine top-quality handling characteristics with a striking, ergonomically pleasant shape. And both infrared thermometers, the TP7 as well as the TP10, are ideal if you need to measure the temperatures of components which are difficult to access, hot, mobile or dangerous.

This is how it works

The main difference between these two premium thermometers is the difference in their measurement range: the TP7 covers a temperature range of -50 °C to +1000 °C at an optical resolution of 30:1. The TP10 tops even this value, with a very large measurement range of -50 °C to +1850 °C at a high optical resolution of 75:1. The facts:

    • TP7 pyrometer
      The TP7 has numerous professional characteristics, such as the alarm function with configurable alarm limits, the non-stop measurement mode, the calculation and display of the maximum measurement value, and the capability to configure the degree of emission for specific materials. Particularly convenient is the TP7’s innovative dual laser, which automatically displays the spot size.
    •  TP10 pyrometer
      The TP10 scores as above, but with an even higher optical resolution and span of temperature measurement range. The rest of its professional design is largely the same as the TP7’s – but these exclusive features top it. For complex measurement tasks such as maintenance, inspection, analysis and documentation, the TP10 has an integrated data logger function to capture and store up to 100 measuring points. The potential to combine infrared and contact temperature measuring, the USB port, and the miniature contact pin which is part of the bundle, further enhance the TP10’s professional, high-end profile.

From pros for pros – two exclusive pyrometers waiting for you

And both have a superb price-performance ratio. Why not order the new TP7 pyrometer for £ 76.89 incl. VAT and/or the new TP10 pyrometer for £ 290.99 incl. VAT– now in our Trotec Shop!


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