Fresh air for pipes

TTR 400 D and TTR 500 D

Ordinary dehumidifiers cannot be installed in gas distribution stations. The risk of explosion would be too high. At the same time, air humidity is extremely high, which in turn damages pipes, the building itself and electronics. Condensation on pipes, mould growth on ceilings and walls, frost damage in winter and the high restoration costs to match will all be waiting in line if nothing is done to combat the high air humidity in a distribution station.

Trotec has the solution to the problem! The dehumidifiers from the TTR range include models that are pressure-tolerant and also work with excess pressure. The models marked with the letter “D” are best suited for use in gas distribution stations.

Fresh air for pipes

Dry air protects. The principle also applies to the devices and pipes in a gas distribution station. We know exactly how important the technical devices in such distribution stations are. Ultimately, natural gas is one of the most important energy sources there is. Under high pressure, the liquefied gas is transported through the pipes to the communal distribution networks. The changeover occurs in the gas distribution stations. In order that the natural gas can be distributed at all, the pressure must first be reduced. But this reduction leads to evaporation. Here, the temperature of the pipelines drops significantly, and at the same time, air humidity levels rise enormously. The constant high air humidity brings the risk of mould growth in gas distribution stations. The corrosion of pipelines is not rare, and frost damage in winter is also a great danger. In the end, the condensation water freezes when the outdoor temperature sinks to freezing point. Here, only one thing can help: the air must be dehumidified. In the explosion protection zone particular requirements must be met. But outside of these at-risk areas the dehumidifiers from the Trotec TTR range can help enormously.

It all comes down to the “D”

The industrial dehumidifiers from the TTR range work using the adsorption principle. In choosing a mobile model for a gas distribution station make sure to look out for the addition of the letter “D” in the device number. This of course stands for the airflow regulation technology “Duoventic”, which allows for the separate, progressive adjustment of the moisture content and volumetric flow of the required dry air. This allows for air dehumidification in air recirculation mode, which is pressure-tolerant, and in through-air mode – with excess pressure. Both operating modes are perfectly suited for use in gas distribution stations. The two robust all-rounders from Trotec for use outside of the explosion zone are called the TTR 400 D and TTR 500 D. They work using the TTR-Trisorp Dual Principle with two separate air circulations and separate vans for each air circuit. High-performing and with comparatively low energy consumption, thanks to variable recirculation drying – for reliable external dehumidification in gas distribution stations!

Security of investment through trial use

Depend on the trusted Trotec quality “made in Germany” for the dehumidification of gas distribution stations. Contact our experts from the Trotec industry service, they know what you need. They will calculate your need for devices on-site and tell you the suitable models. A safe and reliable investment: our exports will install your dehumidification system out of mobile devices in the gas distribution station. During the trail use, you will see how powerfully and efficiently the system works. Test us before you invest. We are also on-hand to help with temporary dehumidification applications. Rent the TTR 400 D and TTR 500 D desiccant dehumidifiers at the best conditions – always reachable: the TKL rental portal.

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