When the cold store turns icy: choose a Trotec industrial dehumidifier

Trotec industrial dehumidifier

It sounds paradoxical: in refrigerated warehouses temperatures must be kept low. But at the same time, you must try to prevent ice from forming. This is because fog and ice here can be dangerous. Icy floors cause highly dangerous slipping hazards. Icicles can form on ceilings which can fall down and hit staff.

Fog reduces visibility. In addition, technical devices can freeze over and cooling systems become overloaded. But what causes this unwanted ice to form in the first place? Damp air, which penetrates the warehouse from outside, condensing and freezing on the cool surfaces. So target the damp air and prevent  ice and fog from forming in your refrigerated warehouse – with a dessicant dehumidifier from the TTR range from Trotec!

When the cold store turns icy

Frozen foods are now a mainstay in all households. From frozen potato products, to fruit, vegetables, fish and meat: every one of us surely has something of the sort in our freezers. In order to guarantee the quality of these products, you must ensure an uninterrupted cool chain. This comes down to production and above all, the right logistics. As the operator of a refrigerated warehouse, you take particular care with technical devices, because if these break down, your entire stock of food products could become unusable. Which would mean enormous losses for you.

The two biggest enemies in your refrigerated warehouse are ice and fog. Not only can they cause technical devices to freeze and therefore overload the cooling system, frost, ice and fog represent a great danger for your staff. Because ice cover the floors, forms dangerous icicles on the ceilings and builds up a cloudy layer on transparent plastic partition walls. Staff could slip, be hit by a falling icicle or have a fork lift accident on the icy floor. In order to prevent such hazards, you need to be clear about the source of the unwanted slipperiness and the hazy fog.

Kill off the moisture – with an industrial dehumidifier from the TTR range

Humid outside air makes its way into the refrigerated warehouse or the freezer tunnel – for example when the loading gates are opened. The air is immediately cooled below the dew point and condensation forms. This freezes on the cold surfaces in the cold store and turns to ice. But the transformation of water vapour to ice doesn’t just guarantee ice and fog: the cooling system has to work extra hard to cool the vapour down. This is a waste of energy!

At this point you have to act and banish damp air from your refrigerated warehouse. Reach for a dessicant dehumidifier from the TTR range from Trotec, devices that really show their strengths in low dew point environments. Each of these high-performance industrial dehumidifiers will rid your warehouse of humidity before ice and fog form. Mobile, permanently installed or in stainless steel – Trotec has an industrial dryer for every need in the cold storage sector. The high-performance models from the Trotec TTR range are tried and tested, particularly in freezer tunnels and refrigerated warehouses. They are all equipped with reliable, silicon gel sorption rotors, which are very stable and also washable. Perfect for optimum hygiene!

Climate monitoring with the touch of a button

Play it safe with your dehumidification system and keep an eye on the data at all times. The latest industry data loggers such as the DL200H and the multifunctional T260 measuring device from Trotec will provide you with the important numbers – reliably and precisely.

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