Always ready!

TEH high-performance electric heating units

In the administration and management of buildings you often expect surprises: water damage or broken-down heating or cooling systems. As facility manager, you have to react as quickly as possible in order to limit the damage.

A dehumidifier or construction dryer is essential for drying out wet areas of a building’s structure, a mobile heating system can step in if the heating breaks down, and a short-term cooling device can keep the air-conditioning in order if there is a problem with the cooling system. Prepare yourself for numerous possibilities – with a selection of mobile devices from Trotec!

Always ready!

Flexibility, spontaneity and professional expertise are needed in facility management. In the end, alongside normal operation and the management of properties, emergencies requiring your fast, professional input crop up again and again. A few examples: in an office complex the heating breaks down. Until the problem is fixed, the leaseholder has a right to an interim solution so that they can continue to run their business without disruption. With water damage in factories the situation is much the same. Here too, you must provide a solution as quickly as possible so that production can continue without interruption. If the air-conditioning system in a restaurant or production hall breaks, you ensure the climate is right with a temporary solution. This is this only way to reassure your tenants and customers and protect yourself from compensation claims. To make sure you are fully prepared for such emergency situations, you should have a system ready with various heating, dehumidifying and air-conditioning devices.

Flexible in an emergency – heaters and dehumidifiers

A fault in the heating system and water damage are the most common emergencies facility managers have to prepare for. Depending on how many properties you manage, it can be worthwhile to have your own equipment park that you can always access. You decide on the selection of devices depending on the size and type of the buildings and halls you manage, and the Trotec group will provide you with high-performing devices made with tried and tested, modern technology. For smaller residential units and office spaces you should, without a doubt, have one or more mobile heating devices from the TEH series, fan heaters from the TDS series or  heating units from the TEH series. With these, you can keep your customers warm while the problem is being fixed, and you and your colleagues won’t be under any time pressure to get the repairs finished. If the heating in commercial premises or warehouses breaks down, the mobile oil fired heaters from the ID series will step up to the challenge. If there is water damage in your properties, you can get it under control with the professional construction dryers from the TTKseries or the commercial dehumidifiers from the TTK S series. These mobile all-rounders dry out building materials in the shortest possible time – reliably and quietly.

But which devices are best suited to which uses? And which devices are so flexible that they can be used in various different situations? Our expert advisers from the Trotec industry service will answer these questions and more. Together with our expert staff, you can create your own equipment park, so that you can always react professionally in your work as a facility manager.
Are you still undecided? Would you like to first temporarily rent the mobile aids for breakdowns and damage in your buildings? No problem! Speak to our rental partners TKL. There are attractively priced solutions waiting for you here too!

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