Risk of mould due to increased air humidity in winter!

Dehumidifier TTK 40 E

Clouded windows! Did you enjoy drawing all over the steamed up windows as a child? Especially small love hearts or – more ambitiously – a game of noughts and crosses? The wet glass is now a warning of the increased air humidity that comes in the autumn and winter.

And it can lead to serious problems with mould.

The bedroom in particular is at risk of mould: did you know that the human body loses over one litre of water through breathing and sweating each night? There are also the daily chores in other rooms such as washing, cleaning, cooking – the air constantly absorbs moisture in these areas, too. However, only until its maximum degree of saturation is achieved. Then the warm, moist air condenses in the room, usually on a colder surface like a window. The moisture condenses from the air: the window clouds over and becomes wet.

But it becomes a real problem when the moist air condenses not only on the glass windows, but also on the cold exterior walls. At first, you cannot see this, since the brickwork absorbs the moisture. Then the first subtle mould colonies appear, primarily hidden behind cupboards or in corners.

What helps to avoid such a nightmare scenario?

Either ventilate regularly or rely on professional help: for example, in the form of our comfort dehumidifiers like the TTK 24 E or TTK 40 E. Here are some of our tips to help you effectively combat the risk of mould:

  • Ventilate for short periods at regular intervals 3 – 4 times a day with the windows wide open
  • Ensure a balanced room temperature, since strong temperature fluctuations stimulate condensation. The room temperature should be no warmer than 22 °C during the day and no cooler than 18 °C during the night
  • Take particular care to ensure sufficient air convection during or after cooking, showering and tumble-drying
  • Before going to bed, you should air your bedroom for a short time
  • You would prefer not to take the risk and tackle the increased humidity levels with our comfort dehumidifier – the professional solution against mould problems.

1. Help against mould – our comfort dehumidifier

The dehumidifier TTK 24 E and TTK 40 E – both of them are ideally equipped for all tasks with their great performance and their compact dimensions. And due to their excellent design, it is also the greatest pleasure to watch them at work – you can find more information on this in our Trotec shop now!

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