Hygienically fresh, hygienically clean


Strict hygiene is the cardinal rule in the meat processing industry, whether processing fresh meats or producing cold meats. Usually, however, it is not the strict hygiene regulations which make things difficult for the producers. Too much air humidity in the cool areas can cause major problems: germs can form, odours develop, corrosion can appear and production can even be halted. You can play it safe by deploying one of Trotec’s TTR series industrial dryers. These high-performance air dehumidifiers can provide clean, safe production and hygiene conditions for your operation.

Hygienically fresh, hygienically clean

Meat represents pleasure, quality and safety. These characteristics must be the goal at every stage in meat and cold meats production. Everyone who works in the meat industry is aware of this. Top priority, in this respect, is compliance with hygiene regulations. Various items are on this agenda: wearing protective clothing, regular disinfections, implementing certain behavioural rules, and technical equipment which supports the cold chain. What is underestimated in many companies is condensation forming. For this can not just harm the products. It can destroy entire inventories.

Root out problems at source

In the meat industry, scrupulous care needs to be taken to maintain an optimally low temperature in cold stores and chilled workplaces, in particular. However, this is also why condensation forms. Because in a cooled environment the dew point in the air is higher than it is on the surface of the ceilings, walls and work areas. The air cools on the cold surfaces, and condensation forms. This drips onto the meat products, which can result in germs forming more quickly. The water runs down the walls and forms patches on the floor which can quickly cause staff to slip. Cardboard packaging absorbs moisture and softens. But the high air humidity also makes odours develop, and the perceived coldness increases enormously. This, in turn, takes its toll on the staff in the production areas. Root out these problems at source – using a high quality dehumidification system. Trotec’s industrial dryers offer reliable protection against moist air and ensure that your goods and your staff are well protected.

The TTR series: All-rounders at low temperatures

Humidity values in cold areas cannot be reduced without using dehumidification systems. Cooling equipment does, indeed, bring the temperature down, but this has no particular effect on air humidity. The models in Trotec’s TTR dehumidifier series, such as the TTR 6500 adsorption model, are stationary systems that you can use in a targeted way to reliably control the air humidity values in your cold areas.

A Trotec dehumidification system guarantees these benefits:

  • Closed drying systems with exceptionally high dehumidification performance
  • Rapid, cost-effective, reliable drying
  • High performance for work areas up to -15 degrees C
  • Robust, anti-rust design
  • Can be retrospectively installed into your existing logistics system
  • Fully automatic, low-maintenance operation
  • Heat recycling or process heat protected air heating enable you to save on energy costs

Do you need help in putting your drying system together? No problem! Put your trust in Trotec’s industrial service. We work with you on-site to analyse your equipment requirements, calculate the operating costs in detail, advise you on the unit type and installation site, and suggest how you can use your equipment most effectively. We will be happy to lend you some equipment so that you can test your new system before it is installed.

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