Construction dryers and commercial dehumidifiers – the professional solution

Construction dryers

What really distinguishes the professional construction dryers or commercial dehumidifiers from a ‘normal’ dehumidifier? Does the yellow or orange-coloured paint on the sheet steel construction make something of a difference? Or is it the particularly large tyres? Neither plays an insignificant role. Nevertheless, first place would be given to the differing dehumidification capacities …

After all, commercial dehumidifiers are used to dry new buildings, for example, to allow for a faster move in. Or to return an entire house back to a dry state as quickly as possible after severe water damage, such as that from a burst pipe or flooding. Since any damage due to wet walls – whether it’s in new buildings or from water damage – generally slows this process noticeably.

This is due to the moisture, no longer visible to the naked eye, still being deep in the masonry and causing long-term damage such as mould. And in such a case post-renovation also turns out to be significantly more expensive than immediate preventative measures! This is because once a certain humidity level is reached it is no longer possible to eliminate the humidity in the house through constant ventilation and heating alone, therefore a professional helper is needed – a construction dryer you trust.

The mark of a ‘normal’ dehumidifier

The ‘normal’ dehumidifier is just not designed for the typical tasks of construction dryers or commercial dehumidifiers. Their use is often centred around comfort and design, and they are primarily used to keep offices and living rooms, cellars and storerooms continuously in the “green zone”, namely from about 40% to 60% relative humidity. Construction dryers would be not only extremely “overpowered” for such a job, but also their signal colour is a sight that’s difficult to get used to even in the long run – especially in a living room!

Three requirements for a professional construction dryer

We consider functionality and mobility the primary focuses of construction and commercial dryers – whereby a cool look does not stand in the way of the overall appearance. Three requirements that a professional construction and commercial dehumidifier should meet:

1.    a high dehumidification capacity

Construction dryers are designed for use in extreme conditions. They should work reliably at temperatures from 5°C to 40°C.

2.    a robust design

Construction and commercial dryers must withstand and put away a lot. Therefore, they should have a robust metal housing to a nearly indestructible steel construction for tough daily use.

3.    high mobility

Moving from site to site is not an exception but the rule for construction and commercial dryers. The same applies to rental use. Accordingly, their configuration should be of a carriage design with large wheels, up to solid rubber tires which can effortlessly overcome long distances as well as stairs.

Convinced? Then take the next step now …

Take a look now at our commercial dryers TTK 125 S, TTK 175 S, TTK 355 S or TTK 655 S. Or see for yourself the quality of our construction dryers in the professional series TTK 200, TTK 400 or TTK 800 – available now in the Trotec shop!

If you only need dehumidifiers temporarily, then just have a look on the rental portal of TKL to see if there is a device that’s right for you. Our specialist consultants are happy to assist you in your selection.

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