Electronics in top form

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Circuit boards are at the heart of every machine.  These sophisticated electronics control the wide variety of devices and systems including those from the high-tech field. The sensitive printed circuit boards must function both properly and in the long term so that machines can do their work reliably.

The nuts and bolts of circuit board distribution starts first of all with an optimally prepared storage site where the circuit boards are protectively housed. Humidity is one of the greatest enemies of precision electronics. Because once the moisture penetrates, patina and corrosion threaten. Protect sensitive electronic pieces and prepare your storage site – best to use a TTR series dehumidifier from Trotec!

Electronics in top form

An area where research is still busily being carried out: the manufacture of printed circuit boards. The technology in this area is still “not quite fully explored”. This is true both for manufacture and for protection. Protection plays a particularly important role when it comes to printed circuit boards. For these are at the heart of every machine. The finer and more sophisticated the electronics, the more sensitive the circuit board. Therefore, the greatest caution doesn’t just need to be applied to production. The storage conditions must also be scrupulously fine-tuned. In addition to dust and deformation, moisture is electronics’ greatest enemy. Too much humidity in your circuit board storage site threatens to cause patina and rust. The coating may soften, and the printed circuit boards can become electrically charged. As a result, all of the stock is now useless. And this might not just cause you high economic damage, but under the circumstances it may also cause a loss of image among customers. Counteract the risks and optimise your circuit board storage – with a TTR series desiccant dehumidifier from Trotec!

“D” for Duoventic – air flow control with finesse

For sensitive storage goods we recommend the robust but also sensitive dehumidifiers – the sophisticated all-rounders from the Trotec TTR series. In both permanent installation and mobile use, the desiccant dehumidifiers impress thanks to their high dehumidification capacities. And what’s more: At the same time they also consume little energy.
In particular the two models marked “D” – the TTR 500 D and the TTR 400 D – are characterised by a high flexibility when it comes to regulating the quantity of dry air. The “D” stands for the innovative Duoventic air flow control. This means: There are two separate air circuits, and both have their own fan. The fans can be set independently – you have the ability to fine-tune by moisture content and flow!

Have we aroused your interest? Then why not use Trotec’s Industrial Service. Trotec has not only a wide range of powerful dehumidifiers for all areas in which printed circuit boards are manufactured and stored. We also offer you the perfect solution for the air conditioning for your production facility and your site. Our experts will advise you on site and will calculate the best solution for you. For securing the best possible climate.

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