Keep your gym fit


Fitness clubs should not just provide good quality machines and modern fittings. Members also place great value on a clean, fresh environment, especially in terms of fresh air. You can provide all this by using Trotec’s TTK-E-S range of convenient, high performance dehumidifiers. Not only do these compact machines protect the inside of the building, they also ensure the environment is fresh and healthy. Ideal conditions for a sporty feel-good atmosphere!

Keep your gym fit

There are a number of reasons why people choose to go to the gym. Some people use exercise to balance their everyday stress. Others purposely train in order to build muscle or as a supplement to a cardio-based hobby. And others, in turn, find the health benefits to be most important and do back therapy training, while others like short, sharp workouts and doing classes in a social environment. But whatever one’s personal motivation may be, members of any gym always appreciate one very specific thing – having fresh, clean air within the four studio walls.

Anyone entering a gym and being hit by a wave of stuffy, recycled air is quite likely to suddenly lose their motivation. Yet it is the nature of the beast that the air humidity will be vastly increased in any room where a lot of people are working out. After all, there is a lot of breathing and sweating going on. And any gym that fails to counter high air humidity and unpleasant odours will quickly gain a poor reputation.
As a gym operator, you should motivate your members with trained staff, good quality sports equipment and contemporary fittings which offer them a healthy, sporty environment. And this includes pleasant, fresh air in each room. Which is where Trotec comes in. For we have the equipment which will motivate your members to improve their sporting performance: our TTK-E-S series dehumidifiers, which are Europe’s top-selling range of compact dehumidifiers!

An ideal environment at the push of a button

These small dehumidifiers can be set up and connected in any corner of your workout area in the blink of an eye. All you need is a power connection. The moisture removed from the ambient air is collected in an integrated container. But you can also, of course, attach a hose for an external condensate drain. Being so compact, the TTK-E-S series models will fit in any corner. Though, with their sophisticated design, they will certainly not need to be hidden away. At the push of a button they will do their work quietly and reliably, and provide an ideal gym environment. And if a unit needs to be used somewhere else at any point – no problem! It can be taken to a different area and set up there in no time at all. The only thing your club members will notice when the dehumidifier is used will be that they are breathing good, clean, fresh air which gives them a boost.

The ideal model

Perhaps you want to dehumidify a very large area with a number of cardio machines? Or maybe you plan to give the guys working out in an small free weights area a pleasant training environment? And you also want those in mirrored aerobics rooms to benefit from a continuous supply of fresh air? Whatever the size of your rooms, or how frequently they are used, we have the ideal TTK-E-S series model for your specific needs. For example, the TTK 29 E Dehumidifier will keep the air reliably dry in rooms of up to 15 square meters. While the TTK 75 S Dehumidifier removes up to 24 litres of moisture per day from ambient air.

Fits anywhere! Because the TTK-E-S dehumidifiers offer these benefits:

  • Space saving
  • Attractive design
  • Quick and simple to get working
  • Powerful and energy efficient
  • Creates the optimal environment
  • Protects the building structure and interior
  • Top price-performance ratio

You will, of course, find the TTK E-S Series Dehumidifiers in our Trotec shop!

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