Trotec railway construction tests defy wind, rain and fire.

Work Tents

Repair works on tracks, replacing sleepers, costly welding work: work on railways is strenuous, especially as workers are exposed to weather conditions. They work in the rain, wind and strong sunlight. Of course, in spite of this the works carried out must be exact. Provide your employees in railway construction with reliable working conditions – with a robust railway construction tent that can be assembled quickly, from Trotec.

This will protect your employees on site, meaning you also benefit from the quality of their work. The quick construction tents from Trotec transform themselves with the special equipment “R” for “Rail” into a heat-resistant and weatherproof workplace in an instant. Fast and reliable!

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Treatment and storage tents from Trotec: Everything under one mobile roof


The news about the fight against the Ebola epidemic in Africa is causing a stir. Pictures of doctors and medics preparing themselves for work in the affected areas have been featured in the news almost daily. For weeks and months, their primary workspace has been treatment tents built on-site. This is a distressing situation and a sad cause. But it shows us the importance of accurate workmanship and the best materials for creating treatment and disaster tents. Trotec is concerned not only with ensuring clean air and the best possible climate conditions in the workspace and during working processes. We also supply the mobile workspace: Treatment and storage tents for use in disaster situations, made with the best quality!

Everything under one mobile roof

They are used at festivals, concerts and all kinds of big events, and serve as the workspace for medics and doctors for hours on end. Or in emergency situations – for example when people are evacuated from dangerous situations. Read More