Great work tents at bargain prices


Are you in need of an assembly work tent? One which is robust but lightfast, totally waterproof and yet simple and quick to erect? Does it have to keep the cold out, and give workers reliable protection? If so, you are one hundred percent correct in choosing Trotec. For Trotec’s high-quality work tents meet all these criteria.

And this is also a great opportunity for bargain hunters! Trotec’s online shop has a large number of demo models of various sizes and designs which you can snap up at bargain prices. They have only been unpacked and erected once. Top quality at low prices, with a one year guarantee on top!

Great work tents at bargain prices

It is widely known that Trotec’s assembly work tents are top quality and provide the best possible protection for construction and assembly personnel working outdoors. But now the secret is out – some of these robust, flexible tents are now available very cheaply in Trotec’s online shop! And the magic words are “demo model”! Each model has only been erected once. So we are just talking about absolutely minimal signs of use, typical of any tent after its first use.

Top quality

Anyone looking for an assembly work tent is bound to find the right protection at Trotec. All the models are extremely stable and can be erected in a jiffy by one person or, at most, two. Each model is made from top quality, lightfast polyester. A lot of work has gone into the stitching and zips, so they are entirely waterproof. One particularly practical feature is that the tents have no loose rods, so you always have the right component in the right place.
A range of sizes and designs guarantee that you will find the right model for you.

Bargain hunt

Take a look in Trotec’s online shop today. There are some sensational offers waiting for you there. Trotec’s work tent overview page shows and describes these super-cheap demo models. For example, there is the 180 KE 180*180*200 flat-roof assembly tent, used, for just £ 254.29 instead of the normal price of £ 560.79 incl. VAT. With offers like this, it will pay off to drop by regularly. The bargain hunt can begin!

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