Privacy screen in emergencies

Privacy screen

Some recent tragic incidents have repeatedly brought this to our attention: Whenever there is a larger number of victims in an accident or an evacuation operation, emergency service workers are forced to show their skills at improvisation. Because it is important to provide a secure area in which the patients can have their own private space.

If the conditions under which the patients are treated are not adequate, the Vario-Screen privacy screens from Trotec can be of great assistance. That’s because they are quick to set up and can be used flexibly.

Privacy screen in emergencies

They are indeed enjoyable and full of atmosphere, however large events can also be accompanied by unfortunate accidents for which emergency and medical treatment services must be prepared. For example, at large summer festivals, it is not a rare occurrence for attendees to fall victim to the combination of heat and over-exertion. Panic situations at events with many people within a small amount of space must be planned for. Because someone who is properly prepared is in a better position to act for the benefit of the patient.

Protect privacy

If there is a large number of people requiring care, people affected by heat for example, both the best healthcare and privacy should be ensured for the patients. If a patient is in such a situation whilst waiting to be seen, they should be entitled to their sphere of privacy. All too often sick persons who are brought to a hospital are put together in the accident and emergency room where they are left in the open view of staff and other patients. It doesn’t have to be like this. Because with just a few hand movements, a privacy screen can be set up and the patient can wait to be treated behind it in peace. Trotec offers this protection – with the mobile VarioScreen privacy screens.

Quick and easy to assemble

Once the VarioScreen privacy screen is at your disposal, it can be set up fast and easily. In hardly any time at all it can be extended and set up by just one member of personnel. These mobile privacy screens are made of sturdy fibreglass rods and a robust opaque polyester cloth. In the event of an emergency, the privacy screen offers speedy visual protection because its parts are stored together in a carry bag. The rods are already integrated into the side sections of the screen so that the visual protection screen only has to be stretched out and tightened. A VarioScreen is 1.80 metres high and almost seven metres long. If more protected space is needed, multiple screen walls can be added to each other with little effort.

The advantages

  • Mobile visual protection with seven metres length
  • Extendible without limit
  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • High stability

When it comes to privacy screens: Get informed in advance. Browse the market and compare. Find out more about us and our innovative product easily – ideally before you have decided for certain what to buy. For all questions about the VarioScreen, our expert Marc Pluijmaekers will be happy to advise you at +49 2452 962 480.

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