Protection for everyone involved

Safety Screens

Lengthy traffic jams can occur when drivers pass an accident and slow down to look at the scenery. A driver can easily lose sight of  the end of the jam, and another accident is on the cards. But rubbernecking is not just a major hazard for oncoming traffic. Oftentimes emergency services are held up by the curiosity of drivers and passers-by.

In the worst case, a delay in getting aid to accident victims can have fatal consequences. Protect the injured and give helpers the shielded space that they need for their vital work. Use Trotec’s mobile VarioScreen.

Protection for everyone involved

You know how it is. So often people complain about gawkers who drive past the scene of an accident at a snail’s pace hoping to get a glimpse of what has happened. But whoever is being honest also has to admit that their own gaze rests briefly in the direction of the scene, with the blue lights flashing and the sirens wailing. Most people have a natural curiosity. But something that seems to be merely human can have nasty consequences for those involved in an accident. Not only because the curious glances of drivers approaching in the opposite lane can quickly cause a tailback. And someone who is distracted can easily miss the tail-end of the jam. But nosy drivers also hold up first-responders and emergency services. Emergency vehicles are delayed in reaching the scene, while paramedics often need to push their way through a crowd of onlookers gathered at the spot. Another issue is personal protection for the injured, who are often helplessly exposed to the curious glances of passers-by. It need not be like this. The accident scene could simply be screened off. Which is why emergency services should always keep a screen amongst their equipment and erect it as soon as they arrive at the scene. And for the screen to be set up in a hurry, the system needs to be quick and uncomplicated, yet stable: the Trotec VarioScreen!

Impressive, rapid technology

The mobile VarioScreen consists of stable, fibre glass poles and a particularly hard-wearing polyester cloth. With a few easy steps, a member of the emergency team can erect the screen in seconds. A VarioScreen is seven metres long and extremely sturdy. To ensure it can be deployed swiftly, the fibre glass poles are incorporated into the screen’s side panels. It simply has to be stretched out and tightened. Extra-stable zip fasteners enable several units to be connected, so the screen can easily be extended to 14 metres or more. As the VarioScreen can be erected so quickly by just a single person, the other members of the emergency team can focus on the main task at the scene – providing the victims with first aid. They can work in peace behind the screen, and the injured are not put on display unnecessarily. The VarioScreen can be disassembled as quickly as it was erected. All the parts can be stored away in a sturdy carry-case so that they take up minimal space. Thus everything is ready and available for its next use – to protect everyone involved.

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