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Safety Screens

Lengthy traffic jams can occur when drivers pass an accident and slow down to look at the scenery. A driver can easily lose sight of  the end of the jam, and another accident is on the cards. But rubbernecking is not just a major hazard for oncoming traffic. Oftentimes emergency services are held up by the curiosity of drivers and passers-by.

In the worst case, a delay in getting aid to accident victims can have fatal consequences. Protect the injured and give helpers the shielded space that they need for their vital work. Use Trotec’s mobile VarioScreen.

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Introduction of a mobile safety screen at fire brigade Heppenheim

After the first presentation at the fire service fair FLORIAN 2008 in Sinsheim the fire brigade Heppenheim was absolutely thrilled by the mobile TROTEC safety screen. Instead of using blankets to protect the crash site the fire brigade Heppenheim now uses the mobile safety screen technology.

Benefits of mobile safety screens:

mobile safety screen
mobile safety screen
  • widespread protection from prying eyes: more than 7 m long and approx. 1.8 m high
  • fast setup by two persons
  • compact stowage in carrier bag, dimensions approx. 1.45 m x 0.3 m x 0.3 m
  • no more loose bars
  • equipped with carrying loop on top
  • additional loops available for fixing
  • horizontally deployable, protection against rain by putting the safety screen on top of a car just like a roof

We would be most glad to send you a demo-safety screen at your request.
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