Bigger, Stronger, More Powerful – XXL Wind Machines from Trotec

There are times when wind can be the cause of acute embarrassment. We’ve all been there. And although it’s often nothing more than a biological process which sometimes occurs when certain foods are not digested properly or too much air has been swallowed, we have all at some time experienced a situation which we would sooner wish to forget. Yet there are also times when being able to create wind can be of a distinct advantage – an advantage that can give you, your firm or your company the edge over your leading competitors and the rest of the field.

Wind machines are specially developed pieces of professional equipment designed to perform a whole host of different applications in a wide range of different scenarios. They can be used to ventilate shop floors, halls and warehouses, help dry out buildings after water damage, cool machines and production sites or create windswept, atmospheric backdrops on film sets and capture excitingly evocative moments on photo shoots. Wind machines are designed to significantly boost performance and ensure that both your workforce and your goods are properly cared for.

The wind machines from Trotec comfortably fulfil the demands placed on them. Not only are they well engineered, robust and built to last, they are also extremely powerful, stackable and needless to say very affordable. So why would our engineers want to build a bigger, stronger and more powerful model? What more could a wind machine offer in addition to the highly desirable features already mentioned above? Time to hire the TTW 400000 – the strongest, the most powerful, quite simply the most awesome axial fan we have ever built. And a true maker of storms into the bargain!

The TTW 400000 – a new dimension in the world of wind machines! Read More

The BT20 meat thermometer. For a perfect steak or Sunday roast. Every single time.

Trotec Meat Thermometer for the perfect steakIf you are particularly fond of good food – and for many people this translates into a nice juicy steak or burger, an assortment of spicy sausages sizzling happily over a charcoal fire or a mouth-wateringly succulent joint stewing slowly in its own juices – then you are in all probability not one to compromise when it comes to anything as fundamental and essential as tenderness or taste.

Yet despite the sometimes elaborate or even ritualistic lengths that some people go to to ensure that the cut of meat they wish to prepare is as well-hung, marinated, smoked or as seasoned as can be, they often leave perhaps the most important aspect of all – namely when to take the roast, chicken or stew out of the oven or when to whip the sausages, steaks or burgers off the barbecue or grill – to a feeling which they are often keen to put down to intuition or experience but which could arguably be construed as leaving this final, vital culinary detail to little more than pure chance or pot luck. Read More

Be Prepared. With Our Super Cool Air Conditioning Carefree Package

It’s summer! Well, if the calendar is to be believed it is. But with this July on course to being one of the wettest Julys in over a century and with some parts of the country experiencing what would normally be the equivalent of a month’s worth of rainfall in only 24 hours, you could be forgiven for having difficulty warming to the idea that it really is. This time it was the north of England which was most badly hit as residents in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Lancashire had to be airlifted from their homes, cars or caravans or rescued from freak floods which had transformed serene, meandering rivers into raging, terrifying torrents leaving many citizens badly shaken and some properties submerged under as much as six feet of water. Read More


UEFA Euro 2012 Facebook Contest


This year could be our year! The bookies may, not surprisingly perhaps, still be quoting the European and World Cup champions Spain as the top favourites for the Euro 2012, with our arch nemesis Germany – as always the team to beat – not far behind, yet despite Frank Lampard’s thigh injury, Gary Cahill’s double fractured jaw and Gareth Barry’s groin injury, which left an ominous cloud hanging over the tournament and the newly-appointed England manager, Roy Hodgson, with more than just a massive headache, we’re still in with a fantastic chance, up there among the favourites for the illustrious and elusive title, in front of Italy, runners-up in 2004, and Portugal and Poland.

So let’s hear it for our team! And when we say hear it, we really mean hear it! That’s because we are giving you the chance to make your voice heard in a sporting show-down with fans from Germany, Spain and France who will also be taking part in our competition on Facebook and who will be waging a battle of the wits and voices with YOU on their respective pages (Trotec24, Trotec Español, and Trotec France) in an attempt to secure the title. Time then to show those supporters that you not only support the best team in the world, but that you are also the proudest and the loudest fans in the UEFA European Championship 2012!

So what do you have to do? Simply go to Trotec4u on Facebook and post your most momentous cheer, your most rousing chants or that liberating moment when one of our boys blasts the ball into the back of the net or one of our strikers sublimely slips the round leather past the keeper and sends us on our way to the semis and from there to the ultimate goal – the European Championship finals and the Cup!

The four clips which get the most “Likes” until July 1st will win one of four practical Sound Level Meters from Trotec. And with these nifty little devices you can not only measure your most raucous goal celebration…

So let’s hear it for our boys! For our pride and joy. For England. Stand up and be counted! Show the rest of Europe who the loudest fans are! And win a football table or a sound level meter into the bargain!

Let’s hear them lions roar!

What do band practice and high humidity values have in common?!

Band practice with high humidity values

If there’s one thing that most musicians have in common – apart from their passion for music of course – it’s the love they share for their instruments. It comes as no small surprise then that they are prepared to go to great – sometimes even bizarre – lengths to conserve and protect those instruments that are so dear to them and that they are forever keen to ensure that they are well-treated and also well-kept. This, however, is not always as easy as it may at first seem, as the instruments’ well-being depends significantly on their immediate environment and the indoor climate.

The indoor climate in certain rooms in both older and outlying buildings, as well as the room climate in many cellars and basements where bands or budding musicians practise and hone the skills they have acquired or are still desperate to develop, is not just bad for either the instruments they are playing or the electronic equipment they are using, like amplifiers, speakers and synthesizers for example, it is quite simply downright damaging. And the main reason for this situation is high levels of humidity.
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And what can we do for you today?

restoring an antique wardrobe

In many parts of Germany, Trotec is already a household name. The brand name Trotec stands for premium quality products and superior service – at a price that everyone can afford. And because the name Trotec has become synonymous with indoor climate control and metrological solutions it hardly comes as a surprise that we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a whole range of state-of-the art dehumidifiers, humidifiers, oil and electric heaters, infrared cameras and measuring and monitoring devices in Europe.

What does surprise some of our customers, however, is the sheer variety of applications which our machines, appliances and monitoring meters and measuring devices are suitable for and how often they are used in the course of a normal day … Read More

The art of achieving the right room climate in museums and galleries (and in your home!)

Dehumidifiers in a museum

Yes, but is it art? It is a question that has been asked since time immemorial. But what is art? Art is the product of a process within a process for art has changed and developed just as man and the notions he has regarding his existence and the perceptions he has of his environment and the society and the community he lives in have changed and developed. Art is not just a painting on a canvas, a haunting symphony, a beautiful ode or a mural on a wall. Art can be so many different things to just as many different people: it is art when it rouses the senses, when it moves, shocks or startles the beholder and it is art when the symbolism of the artist’s work leaves a deep and lasting impression, as frontiers are pushed back further and further and the DaVincis, Monets, van Goghs and Picassos of yesteryear are succeeded by the Beuys, Dalis, Warhols and Hirsts of today.

The works these artists have produced are as traditional as they are controversial. Yet whether it’s an Old Master hanging from a specially appointeded space on a specially appointed wall, a dead cow preserved in a glass case of formaldehyde or Tracey Emin’s unmade bed alive with the shockingly intimate details of her past night, there is one thing which they all have in common – they all need to be protected against the adverse or even devastating effects which the wrong indoor climate can have on such masterpieces and milestones in the history of art. Read More

7 degress C – that’s the temperature that tells you now’s the time for winter tyres!

Tyre pressure meter to check the pressure of winter tyresFor many children, especially the younger ones, it was like a dream come true. The whole country lay under a thick blanket of soft, crunchy snow with some parts of England reporting as much as 30 – 40 centimetres of snowfall overnight. Even schools were forced to close their doors, which only added to the children’s delight. For the rest of the nation it was a nightmare. The cold snap, the worst in 30 years, left whole villages cut off from the outer world, causing cities to become hopelessly clogged and commuters driving home from work to become stranded in their cars where the unluckier ones suffered abysmally as they spent the night on one of many thousands of miles of roads and motorways across the country that had turned into treacherous ice rinks or become impassable because of snow drifts and heavy snow. Yet despite the gruelling winter we had last year – and the winter before that – and the prospect of yet another big freeze that is forecast to take another harsh, icy grip on the UK and the rest of Europe this year, there are still some diehards out there who cannot see the sense in fitting their cars with winter tyres when the year draws to a close and the temperatures in our otherwise relative mild mainly maritime climate start to drop.

Winter tyres do not only make a difference on snow-covered or icy roads. They make a difference as soon as the temperature of the road surface drops below 7 degrees Celsius – plus that is. Read More

Building thermography: Let the season begin!

Thermography: infrared camera bargains

Daylight saving time is over again and the clocks have been turned back that precious hour. Which means two things: Only 41 days to go to Christmas! (Surely there’s no harm in being reminded, is there? After all you can’t have forgotten last year’s madcap, last-minute Christmas shopping spree!) And that now the days are growing shorter it won’t be long before temperatures drop sharply and the cold sets in. During the autumn and winter months the difference between the outside temperature and the temperature inside homes, houses and buildings up and down the country is far greater than at any other time of the year. Which is why this is the ideal time of the year for taking thermographic images!

Building thermography is a highly effective means of detecting defects in the construction of buildings as well as missing or ineffective insulation. Such defects are either the result of wear and tear on the building or shoddy workmanship on the part of the builder. An infrared camera can pinpoint these problem areas accurately and reliably and provide you with conclusive evidence that can be used to remedy the situation. The defects the camera detects are not only the chinks and gaping holes in the building’s insulation that are costing half of all Brits at least £100 a year, they are also the defects which are the root of a whole myriad of problems, ranging from uncomfortable drafts and mould formation to thermal bridges and ice dams – problems that can cause home and building owners, tenants and their families endless grief and frustration.

With oil and gas prices hitting an all-time high, many home owners are already keen to stop the precious heat from escaping from their flats and houses and to relieve the bludgeoning burden which the recent hikes in energy prices have put on their strapped household budgets. In addition, many of us are dedicated to cutting down on needless waste and doing something about reducing CO emissions and our collective carbon footprint.

So, in order to ensure that you as a provider of thermographic service are best-prepared – and kitted out – at the start of the thermographic season, we would like to provide you with just the right thermography bargains at just the right time. Read More

Trotec Flood Damage Services – Help is at Hand When and Where You Need Us

Flooded street in bangkok, thailand

Imagine you’re standing at an upstairs window looking down into your garden, your street or, if you allow your gaze to wander a little further, that part of the neighbourhood you like to call home. Just dwell on the image briefly so as give it enough time to sink in. Now imagine you’re looking out of that same window and the first thing you see is water. Nothing but water. Oh, there are still the street lamps and staunch iron lamp posts standing smartly like soldiers in straight rows along what until just a few moments ago you would have said was your street, and there’s the odd semi-submerged tree and the random traffic sign sticking out almost comically from the floods, but everything – yes, everything – else that you love and have grown used to, everything that is under the height of say your front room ceiling, has gone, simply disappeared under a deep, sweeping mass of sometimes muddy, sometimes swirling, all-engulfing water.

It is an image that strikes a chord of terror and chills your heart. And it is an image that over 2 million people in 20 of Thailand’s 76 provinces, or to put it differently a mind-boggling third of the country, are being confronted with this very minute. Read More