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It’s summer! Well, if the calendar is to be believed it is. But with this July on course to being one of the wettest Julys in over a century and with some parts of the country experiencing what would normally be the equivalent of a month’s worth of rainfall in only 24 hours, you could be forgiven for having difficulty warming to the idea that it really is. This time it was the north of England which was most badly hit as residents in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Lancashire had to be airlifted from their homes, cars or caravans or rescued from freak floods which had transformed serene, meandering rivers into raging, terrifying torrents leaving many citizens badly shaken and some properties submerged under as much as six feet of water.

Our climate is fast becoming one of extremes.

When it rains, it pours. And when the temperature starts to go up, it continues to go up and up until the searing heat drives us in droves to shallow pools and ornamental fountains in a desperate attempt to cool off our overheating brains and bodies, or indoors where we seek respite from the scorching sun. Last year was different. In 2011, Britain had one of the finest springs on record. This particularly affected our otherwise modest expectations and we were all poised to enjoy what we assumed would be a spectacular summer with soaring temperatures and baking sunshine. What it turned out to be was one of the worst summers in living memory.

Which doesn’t mean that 2012 will not be different. The fact of the matter is that no one – not even the Met Office which has become increasingly reserved with its forecasts after having repeatedly predicted a series of baking hot summers which never materialised – can say what this summer will be like. But if it’s anything like the one we had in 2009 you will want to be prepared.

That’s why we at Trotec are now offering not one but three special carefree air conditioning packages for both the home and office designed not only to enhance your well-being and promote your overall health but also to ensure that you are well equipped to deal with rocketing temperatures and a sizzling summer should we really be in for one:

Each of the packages comprises a choice of three compact, mobile and extremely efficient air conditioners and one of two state-of-the-art fever thermometers both designed to take body temperatures fast and easy. The TempTection EasyTherm ear thermometer and BodyPlus forehead thermometer are especially easy to use and provide measuring results within a second.

And last but not least we are also including three AirLock 100, a special window seal system designed especially for the air conditioners on offer. The AirLock 100 is simple to install and allows you to feed the air discharge hose included in the scope of delivery through your slightly opened windows without letting hot humid air, light rain or insects and other pests in.

So now that you have seen which special extras we are offering as part of our air conditioning package all you have to do is decide which air conditioner best suits your needs:

  • The PAC 2000 S offers a cooling performance of 2.0 kW to provide cool and fresh air in hot and sticky rooms of smaller sizes. The beneficial remote even allows controlling the air conditioner from a distance while an easy-to-clean air filter steadily filters pet dander, pollen or other pollutants out of the ambient air.
  • The PAC 2600 S, the compact, mobile air conditioner with a cooling performance of 2.6 kW for smaller rooms and offices. Not only is the PAC 2600 S able to create a lusciously cool and comfortable climate in rooms up to approximately 85 m³, the built in air filter can also significantly improve the quality of the air you breathe by filtering pollen, pet dander, dust and fluff out of the ambient air.
  • Or the PAC 3500, the state-of-the art mobile air conditioner that packs a cooling performance of 3.5 kW and which is able to provide you with a cool and pleasant indoor climate – and protection against sudden heatwaves or hot spells – in all larger rooms and offices up to approximately 115m³. Needless to say, the PAC 3500 is also equipped with an easy-to-reach, easy-to-replace and equally efficient air filter.

So here they are! Our super cool summer special offer packages!

1x PAC 2000 S or 1x PAC 2600 S or 1x PAC 3500 air conditioner

+ 3x window seal + 1x fever thermometer

So let’s hope we do get our fair share of sunshine this year and some nice hot days to match. And when we do, you will be able to rest assured that no matter how high the mercury rises, you have the means to control your indoor climate to suit your own special needs.

Trotec. The indoor climate specialists.

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