The BT20 meat thermometer. For a perfect steak or Sunday roast. Every single time.

Trotec Meat Thermometer for the perfect steakIf you are particularly fond of good food – and for many people this translates into a nice juicy steak or burger, an assortment of spicy sausages sizzling happily over a charcoal fire or a mouth-wateringly succulent joint stewing slowly in its own juices – then you are in all probability not one to compromise when it comes to anything as fundamental and essential as tenderness or taste.

Yet despite the sometimes elaborate or even ritualistic lengths that some people go to to ensure that the cut of meat they wish to prepare is as well-hung, marinated, smoked or as seasoned as can be, they often leave perhaps the most important aspect of all – namely when to take the roast, chicken or stew out of the oven or when to whip the sausages, steaks or burgers off the barbecue or grill – to a feeling which they are often keen to put down to intuition or experience but which could arguably be construed as leaving this final, vital culinary detail to little more than pure chance or pot luck.

No matter how experienced a cook or gourmet you are, or how dedicated in the kitchen or at the barbecue you may be, there is no way that you will be able to tell what the temperature of your steak, chicken or roast is on the inside, and therefore when it is really ready to be taken out of the oven or to be served off the grill, by reading off the temperature in the oven or by repeatedly prodding the piece of meat in question in the hope that this will provide you with an adequate answer.

Thank – Trotec – then for small miracles.

The practical, robust BT20 from Trotec is an easy-to-use, extremely hygienic and reliably accurate barbecue-cum-cooking thermometer designed to take the guesswork and inconvenience out of grilling and cooking and help you determine when your roast is done to a turn and your steak is just the way you, your family or your guests want it. And to guarantee that you get a perfect result every single time.

So gone are the days of guessing, over the anxious fits of brooding and prodding. The BT20 meat thermometer not only measures the temperature at the core of the meal you are preparing to ensure that the optimum temperature has been reached as far as tenderness and taste are concerned, it also ensures that a safe temperature has been achieved and that certain potentially harmful strains of bacteria, including some types salmonella and e coli, have been destroyed.

And as for all those vegetarians amongst us – and our number is growing daily – do not allow yourself to be put off by the term “meat thermometer”. The BT20 is also excellently suited for determining the correct temperature of a wide variety of meatless dishes.

Trotec. The right measuring instruments for the right job.

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