Bigger, Stronger, More Powerful – XXL Wind Machines from Trotec

There are times when wind can be the cause of acute embarrassment. We’ve all been there. And although it’s often nothing more than a biological process which sometimes occurs when certain foods are not digested properly or too much air has been swallowed, we have all at some time experienced a situation which we would sooner wish to forget. Yet there are also times when being able to create wind can be of a distinct advantage – an advantage that can give you, your firm or your company the edge over your leading competitors and the rest of the field.

Wind machines are specially developed pieces of professional equipment designed to perform a whole host of different applications in a wide range of different scenarios. They can be used to ventilate shop floors, halls and warehouses, help dry out buildings after water damage, cool machines and production sites or create windswept, atmospheric backdrops on film sets and capture excitingly evocative moments on photo shoots. Wind machines are designed to significantly boost performance and ensure that both your workforce and your goods are properly cared for.

The wind machines from Trotec comfortably fulfil the demands placed on them. Not only are they well engineered, robust and built to last, they are also extremely powerful, stackable and needless to say very affordable. So why would our engineers want to build a bigger, stronger and more powerful model? What more could a wind machine offer in addition to the highly desirable features already mentioned above? Time to hire the TTW 400000 – the strongest, the most powerful, quite simply the most awesome axial fan we have ever built. And a true maker of storms into the bargain!

The TTW 400000 – a new dimension in the world of wind machines!

It would be neither wrong nor immodest to say that the TTW 400000 from Trotec has heralded in a new era. That’s because the jumbo-sized, massively impressive wind machine towers over all other mobile fans and dwarfs all existing models both with regard to performance and sheer ingenuity. But before this feat of engineering could go into production, there were one or two questions which had to be answered. How is it possible to stabilise a machine of this size when it is generating an air current up to a hair-raising 100 km/h (60 mph) for example? A current that could knock a full-grown man clean off his feet and create what could easily be mistaken for a raging storm. This was just one of the things our team of dedicated engineers needed to know, which is why they decided to build a 2225 kg prototype to test the forces they were so eager to unleash.

The scale of the preparations was worthy of such a milestone in our company’s history. After months of calculations and theoretical testing, the prototype was delivered to our main premises – on the back of a large goods vehicle and with the help of a sturdy crane. Even the power supply had to be taken into consideration. After all, it takes a lot more energy to power a wind machine of this size than it does to power a toaster or an electric kettle.

The final stage of the project comprised a field trial. Armed with various items of paraphernalia – anemometers for measuring wind speed and sound level meters to determine the exact number of decibels the gigantic machine would generate – our team of product developers descended on the TTW 400000 and proceeded to put it through its paces. The tests and measurements they carried out concluded the development phase – and provided them with all the crucial data and vital information that they needed in order to be able to give our people in production the go ahead to build this truly mind-blowing machine.

And the rest, as the saying goes, is history. The TTW 400000 passed all the tests with flying colours and is now available for rent at TKL, the hiring division of our company.

So, if you’re planning on making a lot of wind – whatever the reason may be – you now know where to look for a fan that can comfortably fit the bill. And where you can find a wide range of other fans which are all designed to meet your own individual, special needs.

Trotec. Not Just Another Company.

Wind machines are specially developed pieces of professional equipment

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