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restoring an antique wardrobe

In many parts of Germany, Trotec is already a household name. The brand name Trotec stands for premium quality products and superior service – at a price that everyone can afford. And because the name Trotec has become synonymous with indoor climate control and metrological solutions it hardly comes as a surprise that we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a whole range of state-of-the art dehumidifiers, humidifiers, oil and electric heaters, infrared cameras and measuring and monitoring devices in Europe.

What does surprise some of our customers, however, is the sheer variety of applications which our machines, appliances and monitoring meters and measuring devices are suitable for and how often they are used in the course of a normal day …

The day in question began with me picking up on a project which is very close to my heart. I am restoring an old antique wardrobe which dates back to the turn of the 20th century and which has suffered considerably at the hands of time to its original splendour.

I couldn’t resist buying this fine piece of furniture, because I seem to be drawn as if by magic to such beautifully crafted items which have borne witness to a bygone age – and because the seller whose stall I stumbled on was giving it away for a song. Little did I know, however, that my wardrobe would kindle a genuine interest in my landlord, who also happens to be a carpenter and that with his help – and an array of machines and measuring devices from Trotec – my wardrobe would end up looking more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined. But first things first …

My landlord-cum-carpenter is a very meticulous and methodical man. He leaves nothing to chance. So when he produced a laser distance meter to measure out the surface of the rear panels, side walls and doors to determine just exactly how much wax he would be needing to treat the surface I nodded appreciatively to myself, especially when I saw that the meter he was holding was a BD15 one of our extremely popular measuring devices in the MultiMeasure Basic Series. My landlord not only measured out each surface quickly and with the greatest of ease, he also used the BD15 to add up the results he had obtained, which then allowed him to conclude that a medium-sized tin would be perfectly sufficient to restore the wood’s natural shine.

I spent hours sanding the surface to ensure that the thick layer of varnish that had been slopped onto my wardrobe was carefully removed. My landlord had learned of my progress and offered to lend me a hand waxing the wood. I naturally assumed that we could start straight away and accompanied him down to the cellar to where my wardrobe was standing. But instead of applying the wax, my landlord pulled out not one but two measuring devices from Trotec: a thermohygrometer, which he used to check the temperature in the cellar and a BM20 moisture meter which he used to double-to check whether the wood of my wardrobe was dry enough. As it happens the wood was, but the temperature was too low to work with wax and he therefore instructed me to bring along one of the electric heaters I had told him so much about so that we could then begin to wax the wood and protect the wardrobe’s surface while maintaining the its natural colour and grain.

I brought a TDS 50 electric heater home from work the following day and installed it in the cellar just as my landlord had said. The TDS 50 notched up the temperature in the room in no time and when it had reached a comfortable level, my landlord pried open the tin and we slowly and tenderly applied the wax in flowing circular motions circles as we breathed new life into the old yet beautifully charming wood.

Now all that’s left for me to do is to polish my wardrobe which now stands pride of place in my small but cosy flat – and to thank my landlord with a bottle of his favourite tipple. Thanks to him and jut a small selection of the professional machines and devices which are all available from Trotec I can now rest assured that all has been done to ensure that my wardrobe will survive the turn of the next century.

Trotec. Not just another name.

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