Sound level measuring device SL400 – available again!

Professional documentation of machine and environmental noise, workplace measurements as well as expert assessments – the sound level measuring device is excellently equipped for these jobs and more. The class 2 phonometer possesses a data logger function including analysis software and the ISO calibration certificate. Since it is exceptionally affordable for a measuring device of this class, in recent months it has very much been in demand – but starting immediately, the SL400 is available again.

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NEW SL3000 sound level meter – leak detection on compressed air, gas and vacuum systems

Compressed air is among the most expensive forms of energy, but leaks are often responsible for 30 to 40% of the amount consumed. With the SL3000, these leaks are extremely easy to detect – and from now on, energy and a lot of money will be saved with every leak that is eliminated. This professional compact solution for quick leak detection on compressed air lines as well as on vapour, gas and vacuum systems fits into virtually any pocket and very effectively resolves numerous tasks for preventive maintenance.

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NEW SL400 sound level meter – fit for the experts thanks to its accuracy class 2

The all-purpose SL400 sound level meter is optimally suited for professionally monitoring workplace, industrial and environmental noise thanks to its factory-finished ISO calibration, integrated live logging function and integrated analysis software. It is recommended for use by experts as the device meets the requirements of the accuracy class 2.

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NEW BS06 Sound Level Meter in a new design

Sound Level System

“We’d better listen carefully to this!” The new sound level measuring device is suited to a range of tasks, such as measuring sound and noise levels in the office, on building sites, during machine monitoring and even in private living spaces or nightclubs. And if our ears get tired of tracking down noise emissions – at least our eyes will delight at the BS06‘s new design.

Following the motto ‘Yellower! Handier! Even better value!’ our designers have done an outstanding job with the BS06 Sound Level Meter, both ergonomically and aesthetically. Their design includes the device’s distinctive black and yellow marking, the well-considered operator guidance and the excellent grip, which ensures that the BS06 rests securely in your hand.
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UEFA Euro 2012 Facebook Contest


This year could be our year! The bookies may, not surprisingly perhaps, still be quoting the European and World Cup champions Spain as the top favourites for the Euro 2012, with our arch nemesis Germany – as always the team to beat – not far behind, yet despite Frank Lampard’s thigh injury, Gary Cahill’s double fractured jaw and Gareth Barry’s groin injury, which left an ominous cloud hanging over the tournament and the newly-appointed England manager, Roy Hodgson, with more than just a massive headache, we’re still in with a fantastic chance, up there among the favourites for the illustrious and elusive title, in front of Italy, runners-up in 2004, and Portugal and Poland.

So let’s hear it for our team! And when we say hear it, we really mean hear it! That’s because we are giving you the chance to make your voice heard in a sporting show-down with fans from Germany, Spain and France who will also be taking part in our competition on Facebook and who will be waging a battle of the wits and voices with YOU on their respective pages (Trotec24, Trotec Español, and Trotec France) in an attempt to secure the title. Time then to show those supporters that you not only support the best team in the world, but that you are also the proudest and the loudest fans in the UEFA European Championship 2012!

So what do you have to do? Simply go to Trotec4u on Facebook and post your most momentous cheer, your most rousing chants or that liberating moment when one of our boys blasts the ball into the back of the net or one of our strikers sublimely slips the round leather past the keeper and sends us on our way to the semis and from there to the ultimate goal – the European Championship finals and the Cup!

The four clips which get the most “Likes” until July 1st will win one of four practical Sound Level Meters from Trotec. And with these nifty little devices you can not only measure your most raucous goal celebration…

So let’s hear it for our boys! For our pride and joy. For England. Stand up and be counted! Show the rest of Europe who the loudest fans are! And win a football table or a sound level meter into the bargain!

Let’s hear them lions roar!

NOISE! Sometimes it seems there is no escape.

In today’s fast-moving, hectic world, noise has become a part of our everyday lives – it accompanies us wherever we are – in the home, where satellite TVs and personal stereos blare through the house and power lawn mowers tear through the evening calm; on the way to work, where ear-splitting pneumatic drills briefly blank out the roar of the traffic that snarls along the heavily-congested roads that snake through our towns, villages and inner-cities, or in the workplace, in schools, in public places where a wall of noise often makes you wish you were a million miles away.

Noise can be dangerous. Overexposure to loud noise can permanently damage your hearing. Excessive noise is a stress factor that can be linked to numerous illnesses: people who are constantly subjected to high levels of noise are at a risk and often suffer from high blood pressure, fits of extreme agitation, sleep disorders, lack of appetite – the list goes on…

But what is excessive noise and what is not…?

Peter K. is tossing and turning in his bed. It’s one o’clock in the morning and he hasn’t slept a wink. Peter K. has an important meeting the following morning and all he wants is a good night’s sleep. The pub across the road is popular among the locals and the noise from the revelers fills the night. The ban on smoking which prohibits the guests from smoking on the premises has only made things worse because they now repeatedly spill out into the streets to share a cigarette. An hour passes… Peter K. jumps out of bed. Enough is enough. Angrily, he picks up his cordless phone and calls the police. But can he? When are you as a member of the public allowed to call the police and when do you have the lawful right to complain about noise?

This is a difficult question to answer. Even more so because the Technical Guidelines For Noise Protection make heavy reading. Basically, it all depends on where you live and the type of noise involved – and strangely enough, some really loud noise sources, like road traffic for example, are even exempted from the catalogue. The catalogue does, however, include pubs and other licensed establishments.

The following noise emission guidelines reveal the permitted levels for noise coming from such establishments:

There are various classifications for different locations. We have selected the three classifications which we think represent the type of residential area in which most people live:

  • Centre zones, village areas and mixed zones (mixed trade, gastronomy and residential areas), applies to most well-populated and frequented parts of cities, especially inner cities:
    06:00am to 10:00pm: 60 dB(A)
    10:00pm to 06:00am: 45 bB(A)
  • General residential areas (mainly residential zones – trade and gastronomy permitted):
    06:00am to 10:00pm: 55 dB(A)
    10:00pm to 06:00am: 40 bB(A)
  • In buildings (regardless of the type of residential area):
    06:00am to 10:00pm: 35 dB(A)
    10:00pm to 06:00am: 25 bB(A)

And how can I find out when these threshold values have been exceeded?

With a noise level meter. The Technical Guidelines state exactly where the measurement must be carried out: from the outside of the building at a distance of 0.5m (1.6 ft) from the middle of the open window of the room which needs to be protected most (e.g. bedroom window). As we pointed out above – the guidelines really do make heavy reading.

The BS15 noise level meter from TROTEC: the low-cost ideal solution …

Please be careful to remember that the results of any measurements carried out by members of the public will not stand up in a court of law. Such measurements must be carried out by the Office For Public Order. This still, however, makes the noise level meters ideal for carrying out preliminary on-the-spot checks.

Are you allowed to call the police if certain noise levels are exceeded?

Yes, you are in Germany. You are even allowed to dial 110, the German equivalent of 999. As a rule your complaint will fall in the domain of the Office For Public Order. Some cities, like Frankfurt on the river Main for example, have even set up a hotline which is open 24 hours a day. The police or the Office for Public Order will then follow up your call.

And do not be afraid to call their number: according to information received from the Environmental Agency in Frankfurt, excessive levels of noise are deemed a health hazard and all reports will be taken extremely seriously.

Buy now: IQAir HealthPro 250 air purifier plus free BS15 sound level meter

Step right up, step right up! Here’s how to make another savings: buy an IQAir HealthPro 250 air purifier online and get a BS15 sound level meter for free!

Benefit from a professional air purifier of the reliable and approved IQAir-series. The HealthPro 250 is suitable for rooms of up to approx. 50 m² and 125 m³. Equipped with a F8 fine dust pre-filter, a V5-Cell broadband gas and odour filter and a high-efficiency H12/13 HEPA-filter the appliance is able to even filter odours, hazardous airborne substances and mould, for example.

The BS15 digital sound level meter is the ideal tool for quick and easy measurements of noise limits and environmental sounds. A backlit display even allows you to measure sound levels in badly illuminated areas.

Go here to buy an IQAir HealthPro 250 and get a BS15 sound level meter for free …

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