NEW TDS 10 M Ceramic Fan Heater – available for delivery from today!

TDS 10 M

It can generally be assumed that electric heaters are particularly suitable for use in enclosed spaces, because they do not consume oxygen or produce any combustion gases. But the TDS 10 M is one step ahead of all this, because instead of using heating filaments it is built with PTC ceramic. And with no heating filament, no dust can be burnt, meaning none of the fine dust that is so troublesome for allergy sufferers is produced!

This is how it works

The long-life PTC ceramic allows the TDS 10 M to heat air to up to 65 °C extremely quickly. Unlike devices that use heating filaments, the TDS 10 M Ceramic Fan Heater doesn’t burn any dust and therefore doesn’t fill the air with added fine dust – a real plus, and not just for allergy sufferers! An additional benefit: the ceramic PTC register automatically regulates the power input depending on the room temperature, protects against overheating, produces intensive warmth and runs remarkably smoothly. The flow of hot air generated by a maximum heat output of 2 kW can be continually adjusted to the desired temperature thanks to the integrated thermostat control. All of this makes the TDS 10 M perfectly suited for use at home and in the workplace.

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • two-level temperature control
  • integrated thermostat for a constant flow of hot air
  • protection against overheating and the blower engine with thermal protection
  • ceramic PTC register

Perfect for everyone, not just allergy sufferers!

If you want a ceramic fan heater that produces dust-free air and runs smoothly, then choose the option that is both elegant and smart: Order the new TDS 10 M for the introductory price of only £ 16.43 reduced from £ 38,23, including VAT – available now in our Trotec shop!

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