Thermal imaging cameras – the competitive edge for heating technicians

EC060V and IC080LV

As a particularly valuable diagnostic tool, every heating technician and heating engineer should have a thermal imaging camera. Alongside the time and cost savings during fault analysis, a thermal imaging camera can also offer an extra added value: it makes convincing your customers of the necessity of heating maintenance works much easier, because a thermal imaging camera can quickly and easily provide convincing evidence of malfunctions in a heating system.

How efficiently is the underfloor heating actually working? Is it really heating across the whole surface of the floor? And as a new system, has it even been installed properly? In a fraction of a second, a look through the thermal imaging camera will give experts the answer to these and other questions, such as an assessment of the condition of the distributor and collector supply and return pipes. Every professional in the field of heating engineering should be clear about the enormous time and cost savings the use of thermography for the purposes of diagnosis could bring. Because within a very short time, you can you can test the condition of a heating device for faults and changes, and also identify the sources of these problems.

The thermal camera does a lot of persuading – for example when high-pressure system flushing is due

The best thing about it: you can also convince your customers with a look through the camera – for example with the question of high-pressure flushing – and customers who are convinced won’t hesitate to place their order. Even non-professionals can tell with one look if large areas of a heating body show inefficiently low temperatures. Because these “cold” areas are captured by the thermal imaging camera and shown in blue – an indication of heavy contamination and an accumulation of sludge in the system. In such cases, the heating system must be flushed out before it can work efficiently again. Afterwards, a look through the camera will give you and your customers a definitive answer as to whether all of the dirt and with it all of the “cold spots” have been removed. In other words, it will show you whether your heating system is working as it should again.

Our thermal imaging cameras – your competitive edge

With highly precise temperature measurements from -20 °C to +600 °C and the high heat sensitivity of 0.05 °C, you will discover every single previously hidden cold spot with our EC060V and IC080LV thermal imaging cameras. In addition, our cameras support your diagnostic work with a whole range of valuable features. These include the integrated memory card slot and the comprehensive software package for the creation of informative analyses and assessments, as well as, for the IC080LV, the optional Bluetooth connection for wireless voice annotation via a headset.

Take a look at our thermal imaging cameras for yourself!

Indispensable for quickly identifying cold spots and for documenting successful heating restoration: the highly sensitive EC060V and IC080LV thermal imaging cameras – for more information visit our Trotec shop now!

On top of that, our thermal imaging cameras  are also available to hire, naturally also at favourable prices .

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