NEW TC100 heat stress measuring device – no other alternative for hot workplaces!

Heat stress! It’s not just a problem for workers around the furnace, when they’re tapping liquid iron at 1,000 degrees Celsius. Heat stress is also problematic for competitive athletes and at sporting events, since increasing heat reduces physical performance. To guard against that you can use the TC100 heat stress measuring device: It records the heat stress in the hot workplace or on the sports field with quick reactions – accurately and conforming to standards of the WBGT, or Wet Bulb Globe Temperature index.

With the TC100 you can now get a multifunctional diagnostic device for professionally checking the climate and evaluating workplaces under heat stress. Because heat stress is life-threatening. Physiological symptoms caused by it, such as heat cramps, nausea and heart palpitations can potentially even cause death. And of course people, who work in an industrial environment on equipment with high energy output or temperature radiation, are at much greater risk of heat stress. Because increasing heat also reduces physical performance, the WBGT and heat indexes are also used more and more frequently as decision supports for competitive athletes or at sporting events.

How it works

With the TC100 you can determine the WBGT index (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature index) with quick reactions. This internationally standardised designation is used to calculate the heat stress intensity based on various climate factors. For adjusted measurements indoors and outdoors, you can include the direct solar radiation in calculations or leave it out using a special function. An individual WBGT alarm limit value that immediately issues an acoustic alert when exceeded can also be defined.

Variables such as the air temperature and humidity, radiation heat, wet-bulb and dew point temperature or air pressure can be retrieved in real time with the TC100. And, best of all, no other hand-held WBGT measuring device on the market can identify more different variables with just one device. They are shown on the backlit display as the retaining, minimum, maximum or average value. The TC100 also allows you to save directly up to 99 measurements.

For long-term measurements, you can also attach the TC100 to a stand. What’s more, the measuring device houses a mini USB connection as well as a 9V coaxial power connector socket, making permanent network operation possible with these interfaces rather than a battery. A power bank can also be connected at the mini USB connection of the TC100 to supply power while on the move.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • evaluation of heat stress or standardised comfort measurement in the workplace according to ISO 7243, ISO 7726 and DIN 33403
  • fast reaction time
  • zero adjustment function
  • the offset setting for radiation heat, air temperature and humidity

TC100 heat stress measuring device – fast, accurate, up to standards!

Order the new TC100 heat stress measuring device at our current price of just £157.66, incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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