NEW BW05 brake fluid tester – threat of break failure at 3 % water content!

Brake fluid is hygroscopic – although it is located in a closed circuit system, it absorbs water from the air humidity. Only in low amounts, but continuously, the fluid is sneakily diluted.This is a life-threatening process! And avoidable with the BW05 brake fluid tester – with the measuring device you can quickly and precisely check the water content in the brake fluid of vehicles bothin the car repair shop and at home in the garage

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The BW10 pH meter – that’s how you check the water quality in your pool

Private pool owners usually check the pH value of the water in their pools at least once a week. And rightly so, because if the pH value deviates from the ideal level it can cause eye irritation for those who swim in it, corrode fittings and reduce the effectiveness of chemicals that you add to the water. With the BW10 pH meter you can accurately and reliably determine whether the water in your pool is acidic, alkaline or just right – and whether you, your family and your friends can use the pool without any issues.

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NEW PH BW10 meter – finally available for delivery


The new BW10 measuring device is an essential tool for monitoring and maintaining correct pH levels – for example in swimming baths and public swimming pools, or in natural ponds. With this compact and handy measuring tool, the pH value of acidic to alkaline solutions can be precisely determined. Professional areas of application range from laboratory analyses and water examinations to quality controls in the food and drinks industry.

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NEW pH meter BW10 – precisely determines acidic to alkaline solutions


Since acidic water is no laughing matter either for humans or fish, Trotec has developed the new BW10 meter for checking pH levels. Compact and handy, the measuring instrument is suitable for private swimming pool owners and aspiring aquarium owners alike. The BW10 is also a reliable partner in the professional sector, for example for measuring the pH levels during quality inspections in the food and beverage industry.

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