NEW – BE15 Voltage detector – with two sensitivity levels of 200 V and 24 V

The BE15 is a mains tester, that enables the contact-free and fast detection of AC voltages at two selectable sensitivity levels of 200 V and 24 V. This way, the voltage detector makes it possible to quickly find the source of not only breakages in open cables, such as cable drums or fairy lights, but in all live conductors. Great for quick testing, the device belongs in the toolboxes of all home improvers and workmen.

Due to its capacitive measuring technique, the BE15 quickly and without the need for contact recognises if a live conductor is nearby, such as sockets, switches or cable connections. In these cases, the LED indicator integrated into the tip of the test probe changes from green to red, visually signals “CAUTION: Voltage!” and also warns using an acoustic warning signal.

How it works

This mains tester detects even low voltages that always occur in certain areas, such as damp rooms, just as quickly and safely. Again, tapping the toggle button does the job here – the LED indicator then changes from green to orange, signalling that the higher sensitivity level has been activated at 24 V. The warnings when approaching a live conductor correspond to the process described earlier.

The BE15 voltage detector also consistently enables safe, precise and relaxed work, even in low light conditions, thanks to its clip side integrated LED light. And its On/Off switch means that the device can be switched off when it’s no longer in use, saving you energy.

Four of many advantages that I particularly like:

  • The fast and contact-free detection of AC voltages
  • The multi-coloured LED indicator integrated into the test probe
  • The two selectable sensitivity levels of 200 V and 24 V
  • The visual and acoustic alarms when voltage is present

BE15 Voltage detector – sensitive even at an extremely low price!

Order the new BE15 Voltage detector today at our current offer price, reduced from £12.05 to just £10.19 incl. VAT. – now in the Trotec-Shop!

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