Sound level measuring device SL400 – available again!

Professional documentation of machine and environmental noise, workplace measurements as well as expert assessments – the sound level measuring device is excellently equipped for these jobs and more. The class 2 phonometer possesses a data logger function including analysis software and the ISO calibration certificate. Since it is exceptionally affordable for a measuring device of this class, in recent months it has very much been in demand – but starting immediately, the SL400 is available again.

Furthermore, the SL400 impresses due to its handy format, with low weight and optimised button arrangement for one-handed operation – the ideal basic hardware for sound level measurements in the industrial, work and environmental protection sectors. Besides the sound level measuring device, the complete set contains comprehensive accessories such as analysis software, which considerably expands the measuring device’s possible uses.                                   

The benefits for you at a glance – the sound level measuring device SL400 …

  • meets the requirements for sound level metering instruments in accuracy class 2 in accordance with IEC 61672-1 and ANSI S1.4. The SL400 possesses a four-digit measuring value display with an additional bar graph indicator, which is always readable in every environment due to the LCD background illumination.
  • allows separate evaluation of A and C frequencies. Whereas the A frequency is appropriate for sensing sound pressure within human hearing range, the C frequency focuses on the low-frequency range of a sound.
  • allows the measuring time of the device to be switched over from a measuring interval of once per second (slow) to a measurement of once every 125 milliseconds (fast) using a fast/slow time evaluation.
  • has an additional live logging function. The measuring device has a data memory for recording up to 32,700 measured values. The calculated data can be easily transferred onto a PC via USB for software supported analysis.
  • comes with analysis software. This enables, among other things, the live recording of measured values with a real-time display, a graphic or tabular visualisation of the measurement values with the option to print as an X-Y diagram or in table form as well as a zoom function and export option in Excel format.
  • can be mounted with an integrated mini tripod for logging or taking permanent measurements. For time-consuming, long-term measurements, the integrated network connection enables power to be easily switched from battery to mains power via an integrated mains adaptor. Additionally, a 3.5 mm jack socket integrated onto the SL400 offers the possibility of connecting frequency analysers or X-Y recorders.
  • holds the ISO calibration certificate.

Sound level measuring device SL400 – professional, precise, affordable!

The SL400 comes as a complete set in a carry case, including ISO calibration certificate, wind protection attachment, mini tripod, network connection, USB cable, analysis software, service tools and operating manual.

Order the new SL400 sound level measuring device today and take advantage of our current offer of only £120.57 incl. VAT, reduced from £176.25 – now in the Trotec shop!

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