NEW BD26 Distance meter – 90° tilt sensor for laser distance measurements


Architects and planners are quite right to trust the professional laser precision from Trotec. With our new handy and robust laser distance meters such as the new BD26, you can measure every nook and cranny quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Furthermore, the BD26 is equipped with an extensive range of functions which reduce complicated calculations – and it is very ease to operate, just like all of our models.

You probably know it well enough from practical experience: You would like to measure a large hall, a storage room or an entire staircase but obstacles still block measurement paths. Didn’t you ask for someone to take care of it in a timely manner? With our professional BD26 laser distance meter for architects and planners you are easily able to measure around irregular obstacles in the future as the device provides a 90° tilt sensor also for indirect measurement of distances, heights and part heights. Using the 3-point Pythagoras functions, you are able to determine distances, areas or volumes quickly and precisely – no matter what stands in the way!

This is how it works

In practice, the BD26 convinces with its extensive range of functions as well as its compactness and ergonomics. The laser distance meter remains easy and intuitive to operate despite its variety of functions as each task and adjustment is assigned an individual button. The features include an integrated electric spirit level, timer function, automatic switchoff and tripod socket. The robust device is suitable for use in rough conditions on building sites and is dust- and splash-proof as per IP54. Furthermore, the large multi-line display of the device designed for indoor usage has selectable illumination which also facilitates measurements in dark surroundings or dim daylight.

Four out of the many advantages, that I particularly like:

  • The integrated 90° tilt sensor
  • The measuring range of 0.05 to 120 m
  • The indirect distance and height as well as part height calculation thanks to the 3-point Pythagoras functions
  • The precise measuring of distances, areas and volumes in a matter of seconds

BD26 Distance meter – the new precision laser for architects and planners

The next task is on its way and you can make very good use of the precision laser. Make the right decision: Order the new BD26 distance meter today at our current offer price: For just £81.57 incl. VAT. instead of £114.23 – now available in the Trotec shop!

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