NEW BD21 laser distance meter – with 90° tilt sensor!


Introducing a laser measuring device much loved by professional handymen. With the robust BD21 laser distance meter, you are just as well equipped indoors as on the construction site. You can easily measure distances, areas and volumes, including indirect measurements around obstacles in a matter of seconds. Our new laser distance meter not only puts an end to fiddling around with a measuring stick, pen and paper, but it also renders the conventional spirit level unnecessary!

The new BD21 laser distance meter provides standard functions and equipment features such as those only found in expensive top of the range devices. The best example of this is the integrated 90° tilt sensor with 3-point Pythagoras functions. With its assistance, you can determine distances, areas, volumes and even hard to reach places, quickly, easily and with precision. With a maximum measuring range of 70 metres, the handy device also facilitates height and partial height measurements, distance tracking and indirect distance or height measurements around obstacles.

This is how it works

As each function and setting has its own button, the BD21 laser distance meter is very easy to use despite its extensive range of functions. What’s more, the device can also be used as an electronic spirit level. The features include a timer function and automatic switch-off function as well as a multifunctional end piece. Thanks to the selectable illumination of the large multi-line display, reading measurements is even possible in dark surroundings or daylight and measurements can be carried out free of fatigue as the device features a tripod socket. Although designed for indoor use, the BD21 even handles tough conditions on construction sites extremely well as it is dust and splash-proof in accordance with IP54.

Four out of the many advantages, that I particularly like:

  • The integrated 90° tilt sensor
  • The wide measuring range of 0.05 to 70 m
  • The indirect distance, height or part height calculation
    (3-point Pythagoras functions)
  • The precise measuring of distances, areas and volumes in a matter of seconds

BD21 laser distance meter – making your good work discernibly easier!

That is why handymen recognise the full worth of this professional tool right from the beginning: order the BD201 laser distance meter today at our current sale price, reduced from £75.15 to just £41.73 incl. VAT– now in the Trotec Shop!

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